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fuckin hell, the state of dubstep these days. I dont even make money from the music and I still make sure the people im working with get paid… How can these “OG’s” not be able to do that, scummy shit if this is true.


kromestar seems like such a penis

anyone remember a couple years back when guy from dub mechz said he’d collabed on stuff and then kromestar just nicked the tune

fucking shoddy from medi too, supposed to be top of the scene and the type of label that shifts enough units that it should be no problem paying their artists, let alone the fact u should be paying out their share no matter what


Like the two sides of a vinyl release that barely breaks even, there are two sides to every story. And the truth is somewhere in between.

— Tunnidge (@TUNNIDGE) May 19, 2016



is it not common knowledge that kromestar is a snakey shitkunt yet? dude’s stitched up basically everyone he’s collaborated with, this has been happening for many years lol.


beef beef beef beef




damn…this thread kinda changed my perspective on Krome. and i just remembered that time he had to apologize for getting drunk and homophobic on his set. If all that shit about $$$ is true, I will no longer support his music.


Did you see the online spat that him and Jason X had re: The Immortalz? That was pretty nasty… and made Krome seem like a huge twat. Jason mentioned then that Krome had never paid Dark Tantrums anything. DT kept quiet at the time but guess Jason was right all along…


Seem to remember some beef between him and Cessman over kalawanji as well?


no beef. you’d probably have to attack cessman’s mum or girl to cause him to beef with you, he’s as safe as they come. but yeah, krome fucked him over on multiple tunes, not just kalawanji.


Homophobia and not paying artists. Seems like an asshole.


Took time away from his children to make an album then see no money from it?!

Is Krome someone not to mess with or something? How’s he not been slapped silly?

Just burst into his house at 3am and deliver a first class people’s elbow.


Makes me sad. This kind of thing happened with K-Man too, right? Krome got a release of Jabber Jawz on 12" and didn’t credit K-Man. I love Kromestar’s music, but this kind of thing just makes me sad tbh.


here was what jason put via face book i believe and kromestar kept deleting it tho, hella suspicious.

****see below
Lol! Kromestar… u fake corny fuck… put it like this, you don’t own th7immortxlz legally (I do) …you don’t even own NMG legally (which I paid for all costs!)… I built that whole label for you… immortxlz ws my idea and u leeched off the opportunity. You steal ish frm people because you’re a dirty mug…
You use people for ideas and money. U’d convince me to lie to Darktantrums, when you know he needs money for his kids, but you need to buy a box of ■■■■ right hmmm morals?
You say your selling your album for charity but you spend the money on alcohol…. Morals?
You left immortxlz, u didn’t want to be apart of it because you was like -don’t work with raider klan don’t do this… it’s represents the devil!.. it’s too dark! And when I had a show with spaceghost purrp and simmie… u threatened to beat me up! loll your cheesey n controlling yo, the internet cant see yo bulshit mental weak health issues… but those who know you, know ur moist!
We didn’t agree on nothing… u left, I said I’m continuing, because I wasn’t gonna let a manipulating older tell me, that I cant dj here… I cant talk to them… you cant make this… pssh… I wasn’t going to let someone take what I built, and was passionate about… I aint multi faced- I keep one lane and I will grow in it… I aint tryna be some trick of all trades!
You try n control your friends n make them do things your way. You’ve slagged every one of your musical homies and now you lick there arse…
You’re the type of guy to hit on your brothers wife! While ur married… And then talk to me about jesus… ur an attention seekin wreck! And yo i know how u hitting on my ex aswel… she’s a walking chlamydia go catch a case fool! U have no morals… your salty… trying to block me wont work! U fuck boi hater… JasonX Th7 immortxlz till the end


what a prik… I’m with u on this 1…


Ah, glad someone kept it. I had it screenshotted on my phone but accidentally deleted it. Massive shame what happened between those two, because, although I still like Jason’s solo stuff quite a lot, the music him and Krome made together is some of my favourite music of all time.


i wanna know what’s in the box of xxxx that kromestar’s spending all his money on?




jah oregano


box of weed?

box of dub?

constantly buying boxes of tricks

box of matches

box sets of sit coms