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damn that mischief tune! been waiting of it for a minute


Meh. Was hoping for this one.


Yea I would have prefered HAARP on the b-side. Big tune. But the A side is satisfaying imo


Unikron must be about 5 years old? Not complaining; glad that someone is doing it.


Next Kromestar is out 18th november

Dream Eater Records revealed it on this facebook post

This is a Kromestar Vs Iron Soul
You can hear Culprits its the first one on this soundcloud preview:

As you can see Culprits was supposed to be an idea taken from MCMLXXXII part 2 but he changed his plan


Metalgear :fire:
Backdraft :fire: :fire:
I Forgot :fire: :fire: :fire:


Metalgear’s the one


remind me of old Distance!


Closest tune we’ll get to Kalawanji 2 being released.


Official info:

Nebula 07 Gravity / First Kind
Nebula 06 Emperor’s Call / Ritual


New Kromestar on Green King Cuts !
I never heard the 2nd track but the A side was sometimes played by Jay5ive in old Antisocial Show