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It might just be dub cutting time…

Oh fuck Starwarz as well! Jay 5ive used to bang that one on the anti social show.


if I wasn’t so broke I’d be on it


kinda surreal, been after Jedeye for years


Ain’t it getting a vinyl release then?


Doesn’t seem like it :frown:

Must have played Jedeye 15 times since yesterday. The first time the sub rises then drops down again still gets me every time. Fucking bad boy tune.


Defo dub cutting time then lol


Do you, and others, just go ahead and cut tunes, without asking artists? If so - what experience have you had?

Have still yet to cut my first dub, but have hit up the likes of Causa and Foamplate for permision, and they have both been fine with it.


Yeah i have no problem cutting dubs without asking attists…we’re talking digital only releases which i have already purchased. I think most artists would be flattered if someone cut one of their digital only tunes to vinyl.

The only one that felt a bit dodgy was alicia cos i found the digi on fb, but i put myself in mala’s mind and reckoned he would prefer someone cutting their own plate from a digi rip over paying a scogs shark 500 quid.



This ones really nice. Just wish they would’ve done it across two plates. 4 tracks a side is kinda pushin it IMO


yeah agree, will be a bit quiet no doubt

#92 - fresh kromestar on System available now!


Where do you get them cut? Just curious as to how the cutting houses feel about using artists’ tunes/if there’s any concern about bootlegging or using the tracks without permission


if cutting engineers had to check customers’ rights to tunes every time they cut, they wouldn’t have any time left to do their job and actually cut dubs.

i guess legally a dub isn’t any different to a CDR or copying your shit to a hard drive?
getting a dub cut isn’t in the same league as a bootleg but i guess it could fall under “unauthorised reproduction” or whatever

nobody cares though


8x tracks on a 12" for £10 is a pretty fucking good deal in this day and age tbh, fair play.
problem is redeye uses digital clips, not vinyl recordings. bet the pressing sounds way crunchier than the nice, clear preview clips do.


Dub studio in Bristol. Had a few done now and never had a problem.


Agreed on the value for money 100%, especially compared to commodough’s latest bit lol. It is a bit quiet tho this plate.


New Kromey bit


Kromestar - Unikron / Mischief forthcoming Vinyl Vigilance early 2019 !!!


Kromestar - Emperor’s Call / Ritual is forthcoming if we trust this Kromestar’s video on his insta

Just mad