Kutkh Jackdaw rolling thread


Nice wan!




Cheers for locking in mate, really enjoyed that. Rovv was on first with some dark ambient and electronics, myself in the middle, and Bol at the end with a bunch of EBM.


Great set, even with the buffer dropouts… you going to post it up (hopefully)?

And why is it that Brighton has better community radio than San Francisco? :thinking:


Hoping to get a recording posted up yeah. If I can’t get it, I may record my selection again as a studio mix as I thought it turned out pretty good.

Thing is with Brighton, there are actually too many community radio stations!


New tune guys, let me know what you think :+1:


Couldn’t get the recording of the show, so I ended up re-recording an extended version of my set.


Really liking the electro stuff. Haven’t heard of a lot of these.

:gunfinger: :grouphug:


Nice one man! :thumbsup:


New tune up. Been a long time since my last, but I bought a vintage synth and drum machine and have been spending a lot of time trying to teach myself and get my head around those. This is the first tune using just hardware. More influenced by 80s EBM and industrial as well as techno. My tastes over the past couple years have slowly been shifting in this direction, so there’s not really any of the bass influences that were showing in my previous tracks.


New one up on the Soundcloud. Quite different from all my other tracks, less of the post-punk/techno influence and more of a dubstep/130/grime influence, as well traditional tribal music.


Yo, I like this! I like the rock vibe. I like the length (reminds me of when I used to listen to 9 minute deadmau5 songs). I honestly don’t have any criticism! WHen I listen to songs by other people, I listen for atmosphere/vibe. This one was pretty dope tho. I’d like to hear more songs like this! Reaaally long songs that are a mix of rock and dubstep.


Thanks for the feedback, glad you like!




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Updated mixdown!


Like it A LOT. A lot a lot.

Mix sounds good overall; I kind of want more heft from the guitars - maybe double up the same sample an octave lower (or even a seventh or fifth)? I also don’t think it ‘needs’ any other sounds yet I keep imagining a really abrupt drone with really fast attack and release - maybe a reverb freeze or eerie vocal chord?

Listen to me remixing your tune already lol


Thanks guv! Cheers for the suggestions.


Agreed. It’s good that you used real instruments really because you have a decent sound to start with, I fucking hate some of the turdy flat samples that are used as an excuse for drums in DnB.

I would wetten the jangly metal sound too (it’s not a hi hat, I think) a bit more too to make them more interesting and less prominent. Chorus would thicken it up, bit of stereo pan for the wet side too. Plus maybe more delay to make it less stark. Take a little bit of the top freqs as well so it doesn’t stand out as much.

Saying that my monitors have tweeters in and some people say they’re overly bright so maybe it’s just me…


Cheers mate.

Not sure what the jangly metal sound you mean is guv, do you mean the hats that come in at 55 secs? Or the shaker that comes in at 1:50?


The 1:50 one!