Kutkh Jackdaw rolling thread


Updated mixdown on this track too!


Revised the mixdown on Emergency!


Yep, you guessed it, another updated mixdown!


They’re actually really good imo, crisp but raw… sounds like good festival music lol

Try some half-step dubbed up versions next, like real King Tubby style


Cheers mate.

The only proper half-step track I’ve done was my first one, Innocents. To be honest, I’ve kinda drifted away from that influence, but I wouldn’t totally discount coming back to it.


I suppose dub isn’t half-step either so it doesn’t matter really lol just keep at it


Did this little bootleg / mashup of DJ Loser ‘Παραλογα Τειχη’ and some Gaelic Salm singing, which sounds better than you might think.

If you like the track, go buy DJ Loser’s original release on Clan Destine Records, it’s a great EP.


Got a new mix online for listening or download. 1hr 30min of 80’s & modern Disco, Italo-Disco, New Wave, Synth-Pop, House & Electro.


Got my mate Movement to do a remix of my last track. It’s a dark 2-step thing, which really takes me back to the days when 2-step was morphing into dubstep. Proper happy with what he did with it. He’s had a few releases, including on Southpoint, which some of you might of heard of. Defo check out the rest of his stuff.

My original track here as well:


It’s funny how a remix can completely change a track


Did a mix for Unmasked, who are a London based collective that run a podcast series as well as regular events in the city. Featuring almost 2 hours of both modern and original EBM, techno, industrial, electro, synthwave, acid and post-punk.


Notausgang has done a remix of my track Sweat & Thunder, on an EBM / techno vibe.


Your stuff goes well with an industrial vibe doesn’t it!


Yeah I reckon so! I’ve been slowly moving in that direction myself too.