'Listen to this!' thead

if you want to post a song you’ve just created, do it here. There isn’t a thread like this one yet, so I thought I’d make one.

  • This thread is like a promotion channel, so if you want to post something here, think twice about it being good enough.
  • If you give feedback, don’t worry about being a dick, honesty is more important than friendliness when you’re trying to learn.
  • The smaller your song is the better, and if the song is great, remember to give them some help on Soundcloud too, I’m sure anyone would appreciate that.
  • Any type of audio sharing site is allowed, but don’t use link shortners like bit.ly etc.
  • Sharing songs from other producers is good too, but please say this in your post if you do, otherwise people will give feedback for someone who might not read the thread.


That’s all!


completely unnecessary thread

there are many places on here to post finished tunes

dubs board
other threads

this is just further waste

oh okay I couldn’t find any but I probably didn’t look well enough I wish you could delete topics if stuff like this happens.

EDIT: actually all I can find is seperate threads for songs, this one was supposed to make a more collective thread kind of like the growl one.

you have dubs board

you have tuna thread in production

you have dubs club in snh


yet another one more thread adds to the detritus of people spamming there music

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all right, thank you for this I wasn’t aware.