Tuna - The Legend Continues

As requested.

Previous setup in effect, produce your dubs/loops/sound effects/ambient noise compositions and drop them in here. Give feedback on others, remains courteous where possible, and keep your arms & legs inside the car.

@zosomagik @fragments @nowaysj @hubb @Jizz @kaili @Samuel_L_Damnson

And to reminisce;



ha i knew i forgot some people @cyclopian @RADD @knobgoblin

slightly off-topic: who’s Tabasco? Sunklo?


Totally up for this. Wish budspencertron was here for it.

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I’m down in two weeks i recon.

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Its worth it man trust. Also where is nwj

He succumbed to the ravages of age and switched to a fully modular setup.

i’m still in touch with Bud, i’ll shoot him a msg





calling @RKM

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oh i might start getting in on this

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Glad I could spark this again, I kind of died off from the last tuna. But I just dropped a shitload of cashe (for me anyway) on a new computer, monitors and a midi controller. So I’m super down for this again. Sucks that noways isn’t in on it, he was one of the people who really kept it going.

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same rules as back when?

Unless anyone has any objections?

(might be worth a recap anyway for new users)

yeah we stretched the rules alot towards the end where we where able to post everything we worked in the specific week (could be wips which where started way before the week) before the tuna post

I’m down for the same rules, the only thing I can think of though is limiting the number of tracks to like two. I know I’m guilty of posting tracks to the tuna that were older just for the purpose of getting feedback. So I figure if we limit it to two tracks a week per user, we can resist that urge and everyone can get to listening to more peoples shit faster.

EDIT: Bud probably won’t be down for that though because he likes to post like 5 tracks a week lol


[size=30]Rules Of Tuna[/size]

  • Each week a theme is assigned (the theme can be text, video, or a picture)
  • Participants have one week to create & submit a track (or two, but not six)
  • Tracks are posted in thread and everyone gives constructive feedback
  • No spamming, talking out of turn or submitting tracks and not giving feedback
  • Glory to Pete

Anything I missed?

I thought it wasn’t themed, that u just posted what u made that week?

Depends how far back you go. Original incarnation of it was themed.

What’s general consensus though? Themed or general?

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