Looking for some new VSTs

Time to up step up my VST game. Feeling a little tired with Ableton stock-in plugins.
What are your favourite reverb and delay devices?

Altiverb has been my go-to for years now. Great convolution verb

I’ve seen people writing good things about Valhalla. That Softube verb (can’t remember the name) is dope, tried the demo when I was still using Reason. These days it’s just Reverb Designer/some pedal reverb from Pedalboard/Acoustic reverb in Alchemy 2/some other stock verb in Logic.

^ And as for delays, Tape Delay or Spring Box (again, stock plugins).

Valhalla Vintage is all you need for reverb. For delays I use Rob Papen, U he Satin, and Tweak Bench Malcum. And the Maschine delays.


MDE-X hall or spring verb
not telling you what gate doe

btw MDE-X actually sounds shit, don’t bother unless you want some ghetto sound

For reverb I use Waves Convolution IR-L. Nothing comes close imo and I’ve tried a lot of reverbs - which all seem to colour the sound too much for my liking, but this Waves one sounds natural to my ears. Will probably upgrade to the IR1 at some point to get more control.


With convolution reverbs you can emulate any space or classic reverb units like the Lexicon PCM90, TC Electronics M5000, Briscati M7, etc with Impulse Responses - loads of IR presets can be found on the web:


For spring reverb I use the Softtube one:


…and for delay I just use basic ones that come with my DAW but plan on getting the U He Satin for dub delays

I like ambiance quite a bit. It sounds pretty good and can do a lot of different things. The presets on it are quite good too. I normally pick one that sounds like what I want then mess with things til it’s perfect. On top of that it’s free so that’s always a plus.

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You wont be disappointed w U he Satin.

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I use the reverb that ships with Focusrite sapphire, its nice and cold.
Lexicon PSP42 for delay, sometimes AudioDamage Dubstation for messier sounds.

Thanks guys gonna go through them as soon as I have a moment
I recall using Ambiance once but not liking it.

i’m a cheap fuck so I like the Variety of Sound vsts

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I am into Replika and Valhalla room these days.

My favourite delay is FL Studio’s original delay unit. It’s really simple, and I really like that you can adjust the rhythm by tempo. The texture, for lack of a better word, is way better than Delay 2. 2 sounds really shitty and unnatural imo, plus the feedback on it is obnoxious.
The delay bank is just a little ott for me most of the time, but when I absolutely need HP filter delays that’s the one I go for.
Would be nice if it had different filter options, but can’t really fault it as is. The input knob is brilliant too, saves me from having to clone however many layers of snare I have to put effects on in a tidy way.
Also one of the reasons I’m going back to FL 11.

Reverb’s gotta be Fruity Reverb 1 as well. Again, sounds better than reverb 2 to me and I like that it doesn’t really have any visual cues, lets me use my ears more.

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just copped Waves IR1 reverb, they were already doing a special on it and I was umming and ahhing, but then today they’ve added a further $30 off every order with the ‘CM30’ checkout code so it was a no brainer :mrgreen:

valhalla room, vintage, and the third one called something like mod or something
fabilter timeless 2

ambience (free) already mentioned but I like to use it in the chain before another reverb - because there’s all sort of controls that make it different from a reverb. Its more like distortion with a room setting. And the ‘quality’ setting means you can pick 99 different ‘grain’ - like settings in like a pre amp kind of way. But NOT CLEAN.

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i need to get this ambience vst…been doing a lot of insert reverb recently and this sounds amazing for that.


its more that its a lot different - the ‘fidelity’ is not great. But as something that forces you to be experimental its great.

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You can do a lot of cool stuff with it. All the different knobs and buttons are a bit intimidating at first tho

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