Looking for some new VSTs


that is what I want…forcing experimentation…I tend to not like clean 80% of the time anyway…

just coped this for 29 dollars over their black friday sale…havent tried it yet, but sounds promising w some of the unusual features.


when did you buy it? says it’s $49 on that link now


sale is over man…it was black friday and the weekend only…not sure Id pay the 49 for it tho


yeh guessed so, some places still doing sales but missed that one, does look pretty interesting tho that sandman


OK I just watched a couple of demos of what you have posted.
I like simplicity, those VSTs with a lot of small knobs and thousands of different settings and presets kind of throw me off lol. I think I’m not ready to use such plug-ins yet, I need more experience and intuition.
I’m definitely gonna go for Valhalla - not sure if Room or Vintage yet - and the Softube Spring Reverb. That should bring some freshness into my sessions.

I feel I should also add something to the topic.
If you’re looking for free VSTs, go for The Interruptor’s stuff:
His Tape Delay and Bionic Delay are among the few VSTs I have been using so far.


I have not used Valhalla Room, but you can do all kinds of room reverb with Vintage…honestly dont let the “vintage” throw you off, it is Valhalla’s most diverse in options/sound. The modern setting is clean, clean, clean if that is what you want.

Honestly unless I want something wild I mostly tweak Vintage’s presets…


really enjoyed the reverb or echo or whatever the fuck he is doing in Loe’s in Swamp 2015 Nov 5 set, make m’feel like i’m on Lucy


Tbh ambiance has really good presets. And it’s free too so there’s really no going wrong just getting it :stuck_out_tongue: even if you only ever use it once it’s worth it


Trueverb is the default one I’ve got on my return-tracks. Go-to delay for me is usually either Soundtoys Echoboy or Waves H-Delay. Haven’t really bothered with anything else seeing as I can’t really hear the subtle differences between each one yet.


Im confusing these valhalla verbs

the vintage one is the best one, with the most features and the one that sounds natural

the shimmer one is a lighter version, possibly aimed at vocals a bit

the UBERMOD is nice but more of a delay fx unit + a few reverb like settings - - but its really cool tbh. doing some weird pitching fx

the room one i thought id tried but havent


Vintage has the most options IMO and has three “color modes” 70’s 80’s and Modern and I think it sounds amaze balls in short.

Shimmer is like one of those crazy pitching shifting (?) “special” FX reverbs. For huge sound scape type stuff.

Ubermod is a modulation FX unit chorus, flange, delay, echo

Room is a room reverb.


for software reverb I usually reach for one of the UAD reverbs, the Plate140 and AKG Spring being my favorites.

I’ve never been a fan of convolution based verbs, I hate the lag and limited options for editing the sound. I’ve gotten pretty great sound design reverb from both u-He ZRev which comes with zebra and the Audio Damage reverbs. I also use my own home-brew reverb that I made in reaktor, but that is more for special sauce type applications, it is weird and wonderful but I’ve never been able to use more than one instance in a track


Was processing some drum breaks yesterday and… How about some tape saturation VSTs? Can you ninjas list your favourite?


i like fabfilter timeless for this … but its more a delay plugin but the tape effect sounds great by itself and then i saturate with some other plugs like camel phat or quartz (that has a neat waveshaper/ volume saturation.


Uhe Satin, Slate, theyre both pretty decent


all the original plugins are still in FL12


They never worked when I tried to open them from old projects, but I’ve already made the switch. 11 is fine for me.


So edit the impulse response as audio then bring it in to the unit.


U-he Satin


that process is like the ultimate in lag between tweaking and hearing results. With algo reverb everything can be edited and modulated in realtime. I know you can get great results with convolution reverb, I just don’t like the workflow. To each their own