Looking for some new VSTs


To be fair convolution is for folks who have a particular acoustic space in mind FIRST and want to hear a sound in that particular space; it’s not a “turn the dial and see how it sounds” effect so much as it’s an attempt to take a snapshot of a physical space to recreate it at will.

I’ve always had to do a lot of re-eq’ing first on sounds to be used with conv. verbs to get them to sound the way I hear 'em in my head beforehand, but when it works it’s pretty amazing TBH.

There’s an indoor racquetball court in a big public park near me and nobody ever uses it; the reverb in the place is astonishing… 10 second trails and shit. There is no preset on any stereo reverb that sounds anything close to it. Those impulse files are gold for me.


This for me, I use convolution reverb to create a space and then don’t tweak that space in real time.




Found these lists of VST plugins mate. Some of them are pretty good while other are just meh. Hope it helps.




Serious tho, serum is epic. Try the demo