Mμtant Dancehall

Looking for some more songs similar to the Bug’s old output

Anyone know of any others?

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not sure that’s exactly what you’re after but eh

also these 7" that the bug released on that acid ragga label:

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Definitely on the right lines, had totally forgotten about BR Greaze as well so cheers for that!!

Love the Acid Ragga sound, if anyone’s looking to get rid of a copy of Hardcore Lover, let me know.

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lol just listening to that e3 call mi name and i’m like oooh that’s nice, so off to discogs to see if it’s on vinyl - which it is…and I already own it :smashedlol:

miss red stuff got a similar vibe


YES!!! Loving the I LP, especially Afrikan Messiah Riddim

gonna chuck this one in here too


That whole Murder mixtape by MIss Red is fire.

Can still be downloaded here for anybody that doesn’t have a copy yet: http://www.miss-red.com/mix-tape

Favorite The Bug track of mine has always been ‘Fuck Y-self.’

Too bad it’s not up on YouTube anymore as I no longer have a copy on my HD.

lots of stuff happening along these lines recently

just scratching the surface tho lol

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^ def Kamixlo, w reggaeton thrown in the mix too.

Also maybe

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Ye i got them 2 i posted on lush red vinyl :sweat_drops:


Maybe merge this thread w

Unless you wanna stick to the coinage.

I kinda like the idea of something separate for really weird/dark bashment type stuff… like King Cannibal used to do (he’s now called House of Black Lanterns, diff vibe too)…


Keep it mutant.

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That tune is nice!

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Def. check out the back catalog. I was super amped on The King Cannibal sound, but he decided to move to Berlin and make boots n’ cats tunes lol…

Not too keen on the vocal but liking the riddim!!