M447 vs M44G vs White labels

Ok so I have been using Whitelabels for the last two years, they are decent but I’m thinking of getting some M447s or M44Gs
I used to use M44Gs years ago on a poor setup but they sounded seriously good.
Only going to be used for my homesetup playing and recording, just a bit worried about the highs and mids for the M447s.
So probably going to go for the M44Gs again or shall I just stick to the whitelabels?

I’ve never used Whitelabels, but have used M447’s, M44G’s, Ortofons, and a couple others and I don’t think I’ll ever get anything but M447’s again. Just my 2 cents

Why do you prefer M447 over the M44G?

44G imo

447s and 44G are the same cartridge but a different stylus. i prefer the 44Gs just cause they use less weight (better for your records) and seem to track roughly as well. they have a bit less output than the 447s but thats just those are pretty loud. not much difference in sound between the two, bass is a little louder on the 447s

tried the whitelabels, maybe i didnt break them in enough but i thought the 447/44G sounded better

I honestly couldn’t say with any objective certainty, I just liked the sound better. Plus, they only skip on the shittiest of records which is great for when you’re doing house parties with small rooms and lots of jumpin around. The real difference between them is probably pretty negligible.

Just ordered 44Gs.
Also pranging about my whitelabels cause i have been using this stylus cleaner for ages having only just realised that it’s probably bad for sylus itself and for getting inside the cart.
Magic eraser seems to be the way to go!

Nice one!

I hear those Magic Erasers work miracles

i think white labels are a bit quieter, all of em are really good though. havent used 44Gs as much as the others though.

I expected the white labels to sound insane but they were a slight dissappointment considering the hype.
I don’t think they handle the lower frequencies that well.

The 447’s are great, but for home use, something that’s easier on the records will
be a better option.

44Gs are supposed to sound a little nicer, if quieter

Ortofons 4 life imo

never quite understood the hype of the shures beyond their relatively low cost

Pretty much exclusively used Shures, except when everyone buys their 1st second hand turntable with a Stanton standardly always on there I swear?
Anyway quite an overwhelming opinion of many people and articles who seem to be clued uo say Shure and if anything that Ortofon is the hype.
Kinda like Pioneer and how it was forced upon us as the ‘club standard’.
Still open minded though, although aren’t all Ortofons eleptical?
My records are worn enough as it is!

So now that Shure are dicontinuing these what are the best alternatives?
Don’t want to hear from people who are anti-Shure to begin with, need opinions of pro-Shure people.
No offence lol

i’m very pro shure, m44x are the best

tbh i’m thinking of rocking third party stylii for my shure carts in future. copped a few the other day but i haven’t tested them yet.

if the third party shures are shit then fuck knows. ortofon are pretty crap for the price in my experience. there’s not many options.

did you try the headshell mounted ortofons?
if so, how are they?

I used a pair of the Om’s for a while. They are nice, less ‘brittle’ on the highs like the pro-s.

I’m one of the rare peeps on here that actually really likes Ortofons tho. The only issue I have with them is sometimes they don’t track well esp while cuing a slightly wonky or worn out record.

Shure discontinuing their phono cartridges is fucking tragic Nothing comes close to the m447s for sound (mainly low frequencies), low record wear and tracking. Seriously regretting not stocking up on replacement styluses

I have trouble back cueing with Ortofons much more than with Shures, but I don’t
mind the sound of the regular pro’s.

Recently mentioned this in another thread, but I’ve compared 3rd party n44-7’s with
the real ones and had a lot of trouble noticing any difference. In sound or tracking.
Wasn’t lab conditions, but we tried our best. It was on a decent size rig too, 8 double 18" sub.
Would have liked to hear on some good monitor speakers too though.

my mate gave me a copy of Kaiju - Justice, cause he made a large scratch across the whole intro and couldn’t play it with Concordes, played fine with my m44s :cornersault: