M447 vs M44G vs White labels


ya, the concords actually need more weight than they are spec’d for ime. I think its supposed to be like 2.5g, and I run mine close to 4g.

Perfect tracking over here even under extreme SPL.

Im not a fanboy about them tho, i love shures just as much. I just own the ortos


i had a set of ortofon OM Pro S as my 2nd set of carts i think? this was way back in the day though. had them on some vestax decks.
can’t remember what the sound quality was like but i do remember that they tracked well.

honestly though M44x are the best i’ve ever used. when i used to DJ a lot it was like night and day when i switched out club carts (usually concordes) for them.


any chance you could record an A/B?
i have a brand new, unused set of third party m44G here but my current genuine shure needles are old and knackered so it’d be a bit pointless me recording an A/B


Is it with switching over from Orto’s to shure just for listening purposes? Got it in my head that the orts are bit clinical and maybe could have a better soundstage since upgrading others parts of the set up.


tbh it’s probably not the best time to switch to shure considering that they just stopped producing carts and needles


I tried to buy some replacement needles for my SC35 carts a couple of weeks ago and my order was canceled. :frowning_face:

I think Shure should sell their needle business to someone else.