M447 vs M44G vs White labels

ya, the concords actually need more weight than they are spec’d for ime. I think its supposed to be like 2.5g, and I run mine close to 4g.

Perfect tracking over here even under extreme SPL.

Im not a fanboy about them tho, i love shures just as much. I just own the ortos

i had a set of ortofon OM Pro S as my 2nd set of carts i think? this was way back in the day though. had them on some vestax decks.
can’t remember what the sound quality was like but i do remember that they tracked well.

honestly though M44x are the best i’ve ever used. when i used to DJ a lot it was like night and day when i switched out club carts (usually concordes) for them.

any chance you could record an A/B?
i have a brand new, unused set of third party m44G here but my current genuine shure needles are old and knackered so it’d be a bit pointless me recording an A/B

Is it with switching over from Orto’s to shure just for listening purposes? Got it in my head that the orts are bit clinical and maybe could have a better soundstage since upgrading others parts of the set up.

tbh it’s probably not the best time to switch to shure considering that they just stopped producing carts and needles

I tried to buy some replacement needles for my SC35 carts a couple of weeks ago and my order was canceled. :frowning_face:

I think Shure should sell their needle business to someone else.

Is there anywhere that still sells new stylus? I know Shure had stopped making these but swear someone said there are some that are still being made my a different company? What about carts? Not getting sound out of one of the speakers, at work atm so haven’t narrowed it down to stylus, cart or headshell yet.
Hoping it isn’t cart.

@AxeD pretty sure it was you who mentioned about this other company making the styluses now?

Jico stylus are meant to be excellent and perform like the originals.
They appear to be resold in Europe under the Tonar name too.

I think there’s a difference between the two, although I’m sure both are fine.

For your m447 carts you can buy the Tonar 267 DS styli. Tonar told me they will keep
making them. I e-mailed them about it last year.

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Nice one mate

A couple of weeks ago I placed an order with Jico Canada for SC35 styluses. I thought I was going to be trying the clones. Instead I got actual Shure styluses. I’m not complaining though.

Price was good. Package arrived quickly. It was actually shipped from Nevada.

I would recommend Jico.


What is the general consensus regarding new stylus and wearing them in? Is it a thing or bullshit?

It’s real, I’ve never recorded A/B samples of the audio, but they definitely skip more in the first few weeks

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Yeah i agree, bought those Tonar replacements for m447s, sounded shit at first but sound alot better after 10 mins of playin tunes

What about speakers in particular earphones? i kinda think so but dunno if jus in my head

probably also true, whatever holds the driver is probably stiffer straight from the factory

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Also car speakers, swear they sound better in the summer, not as stiff like winter? i dunno. Difference with earphones, car speakers is negligible between temperatures doe but still

ordered 2 of these a while ago, supposedly made in Switzerland:

got delivered something else (made in China), sounded shit, I complained, got delivered another pair (now made in Switzerland), still sounds shit. But at least I now have 4 needles :eyeroll:

Why didn’t you get the good ones?

I used the Tonar ones as a club technician for a good two years. Barely had dj’s complaining, they were always tracking perfectly fine. At home I use Ortofon though.

Yeah i bought those Tonar ones, they seem ok but i find it hard to tell the difference tbh