Mala - Mirrors


I know it’s not, dubptetty is about former dubs too.


pretty much every tune is a former dub so.


Not pretty much. Literally everything. What’s your point? You’re still the dub-pettiest niqqa on the forum.


is your water a bit too salty today or are you just on your period today…all i said is im not overkeen on a particular tune and you’re jumping all over me like a kid at a swimming pool trying to get their mothers attention. shoo

lol you’re too scared to use the two gs and have to use qs :joy: :joy:

even though i’m half asleep i know you want to go off topic and talk about some inception shit - your favourite thing which happens to be me talking about the best thing in the culture so :slight_smile: :mrgreen:


you’re both the losers here im afraid


and you’re the winner so stop getting rude about it bruv


Nah fam, keep your crown.


Fucking hell didn’t take long for a post about a new track to turn into another petty dubstep forum argument.


haven’t even heard a singe note afaik


…is there any audio on this by now?


Take a look at @mala_dmz’s Tweet:


#mirrors 🔊

— mala_dmz (@mala_dmz) April 15, 2016


Damn you guys are fast. :cornlol:


Snap. Mala in India or Mala in Peru, it has to be.



got a website and everything…it’s his new album on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label


Seems it is a “Mala In Peru” album judging by the song names and website video



Hope he’s mixed the bass correctly this time


when will mala stop all this cultural appropriation