Mala - Mirrors


i hope there isn’t too much bass this time around



Could be cool. I wonder why he chose to stay relatively close to the Cuban sound palette when the world is at his fingertips? Teaser not doing a lot for me so gonna wait and see.


#2016 dubstep fans


Because: Cuba, Brasil, and Jamaica have a lockdown on like 90% of the best grooves. Srsly. Great jazz artists have been foolish enough to think they could tap any one of those nations’ musical heritages… only to be literally swallowed whole and become lesser players in those genres.


Anyone have a link to the session he did at Outlook’s knowledge corner last year?


fuck yeah buddy ! as we throw down our medi represses ! brap



35 quid for the vinyl :scream: plus 6 quid shipping




not massively sold on the first tune but it’s different. curious to hear the rest


Lol allow, matey must be having a laugh


u do get mala’s signature for that 35 bob tho

perfect addition to my large mala shrine

i’m into this first tune

wasn’t expecting a mala album this year tbh


pics pls :cornlol:


no can do

some v NSFW material in there


Nice tune, sounds fresh


Nice artwork, deff feelin this new track!


ltd edition vinyl sold out already


Any chance there’ll be a normal pressing as well?
Didn’t know about the album until I saw his tweet, by then the ltd edition was already sold out.


yeah i reckon there will also be a normal vinyl release…it’s not out until 10th June