I just started listening through their catalogue.

What’s your favourite tune?

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Where to fuckin begin lol


or Photek - Consciousness

Man, what a label. Just throwing good shit about, couldn’t name a single favourite one…

Special mention Dillinja’s “The Angels Fell” since it laid the foundations for techstep.

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This is my Metalheadz personal

  • this mix is a good intro to early Headz
  • this is good for a bit of a later vibe

Edit: That Grooverider one is worth it just for the reaction to Dillinja - Violent Killa

Currently we have Dom and Roland’s album in the workings, AI’s album is complete and is phenomenal, Mikal is complete also.

from Goldie webchat – as it happened | Drum'n'bass | The Guardian
p sure i’ve read/heard something about a blocks & escher album too

classic label but they did put out a lot of shit. peshay’s predator is the last good “classic” metalheadz record. really went down after that. i think i have like 3 records from 1996 til 2004 lol. (or 6 if you count their razors imprint too)
the label revived itself in the mid 2000s via bringing in new people like commix, kryptic minds, amit, noisia, alix perez etc. but what really put metalheadz back on track was the commix remix album imo. but still not really as essential; they’ll put like one good record and a few meh ones imo.

remix album was the one with amus, i:m, dBridge & pangaea versions? if yes, these plates are essssential.

yeah that’s the one

This was a huge recent release

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burial - ghost hardware, the bit of the pitched down guy saying “…that record this record, yeah, you know it all clicks together” is from that documentary

two of the best tracks ever imo

and a great one

nice little best of youtube account here btw

Ohhh shit this

I RINSED this a couple years back, id literally listen to it every day for like a good 8 months


this pad has fucked me up for years lol

j majik your sound


the bit with dillinjas ‘bass’ in the studio is so lols

Oh fuckkk upon searchin Ed Rush on itunes now I just found out they put fuck loads of the No U Turn stuff up including Force Is Electric Remix and West Side Sax, chooons

Last time the 12" was up for approx. 12€, now it’s pricey af. I don’t understand these sellers

lol why would you pay more money for that tune? it’s a standard by the numbers post-marka halfstep banger w/ an mc. not really worth shelling out for the vinyl imo

I think they do it like this:

“Oh no one is selling it atm, might as well try to sell it for A SHIT LOAD OF MONEY.”