Monitors for mixing (not production)

Currently have some loud speakers that disperses the sound with a sub on the floor.
Want to go back to using monitors, anyone got any reccomendations?

rokits are pretty good imho, depends on ur budget tho

I got a pair of these with my computer

They are about 900 so no more than a 1000.
I was going to get the Neumanns again but i tried them and they don’t quite reach those lower frequencies.
They go down to 52Hz.
Need lower.
Also i will want to mount them to the wall so i don’t really want anything too big, just big enough to accomodate a driver that reaches like 42Hz maybe

Bought a pair of Alesis Prolinear 720’s years ago and they’re still going strong.

Recommend a newer pair for yourself.

anything KRK (even VXT) tends to be a little boomy. Whats your budget?

well if theyre not for production why not just use speakers that arent monitors?
if not then you can just get literally any pair of monitors that are in your budget, i have adam f5s for example which are p cheap and they are fine for both listening and producing

jbl lsr 305 or 308 depending on the size of your room, cheap and sound great

I literally said why in my first post lol

Said this in my 2nd post, up to £1000

Seems the majority of the monitors I see in people’s set-up pics are of Rockit’s and a lot of people recommend them.

Curious to know what it is about them that your basing your recommendation on. Have only heard them in person a handful of times and can’t quite recall noticing an improvement over the monitors I currently use.

Appeal is that they’re relatively cheap and surprisingly good frequency response. I wasn’t expecting much low end from them but was pleasantly surprised, and i have the 5s. The 6s and above go down to around 35 hz iirc.

Probably not much difference between these and other similar priced monitors tho tbf…my recommendation was simply based on my own experience (which isn’t much to go on lol).

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You could get a nice pair of genelecs or something for a grand…if i had that money to spend I’d go listening and comparing…read stuff on gear sluts or sound on sound reviews :onethumb:

Already have monitors for production, or only interested in DJing?
That’s a decent budget. I’m a fan of Event 20/20BAS for both purposes (35Hz - 20kHz).

At a smaller budget a friend recently got these newer Pioneer Bulit monitors on a whim for DJing and was pleasantly surprised by them (40Hz). Not what I’d call “accurate” but nice for bedroom mixing.

krk’s are ‘flattering’ to the sound (databoi said ‘boomy’ which describes them nicely) compared to most monitors that focus on a more clinical sound, and they are cheap. Also, like you said, a lot of people see them in photos of other producers’ set ups and assume they want the same. (not a fan of them myself tbh)

What are these?

i think they are krk lol?


Lol i don’t want them, i’m just curious though.
If they are good for Kahn then they are good for me (talking price range)

these are KRK’s but the VXT series. Its krk’s high end line. I have them, the VXT 6’s are excellent and they go as low as 49hz. They are really crisp and if you but them on isolators you can really hear where your bass is sitting in your mix nicely. They are fantastic for listening and even having a room party because of how nice they sound, but even these are slightly flattering. These here would set you back about 650 CAD, if you have a grand you could get a new pair of of CMS 65’s which are the golden standard right now Im told by two friends (one who works at a studio and runs his own mastering gig at home with a pretty impressive hardware summing chain).

These will set you back about 500 or 600 USD a peice i think?

The guy that recommended them recently got signed to Hospital records and has been doing a lot of the mastering work for up-and-commers in the city here for a few years.

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i’m just having look at these Rokits that everyone seems to have, they go down to 31hz
Which is quite low for that size and what i need.
My benchmark for the lower frequencies is these 2 choons:

My Neumanns KH120 go down to 52hz and they handle thise tunes suprisingly well for the lowest frequencies so i’m thinking a just need a bit more room. Had 42hz in mind but 31hz would more than cover it?

Them Focals wont go low enough but the KRKs will i reckon. The VXT8 go to 37hz
Not bothered that much about flattering the sound becuase i wont be using these for producing, just selecting.