Monitors for mixing (not production)


oh you meant “mixing” as in DJ’ing, I thought you were gona do mixdowns. Anyways, my pal has the VXT 8’s you could power a bar with how loud those things are. Really beefy mid field speakers. If you throw a house jam you will not be disappoint.


Yeah sorry, i hate saying “djing” lol


I’m actually considering these VXT8s now lol
Guess i’m gonna be one of those cunce that copies everyone else lol.
The Neumann’s are perfect for production, so flat and sound incredible, just not low enough for the truhead selection.
Think these VXT8s will be ideal for selecting, gonna try these in Birmingham somewhere


why didn’t you just say “sling bass” ?


Btw I have listened to various focal models and I really don’t like the way they sound

Sure they are pretty detailed and have a flat Freq response but there’s something kind of boxy sounding about them.bthis goes for the twin and the trio too. Idk if it was just the sound of the studio it was in or something.

And they are very good for what price they are however try before u buy cos I know I preferred my krks even tho they are worse.


Yamaha hs7 are perfect for this exact purpose. No doubt.


Looking at getting some Genelecs 8040 now:

I wish Neumann did a model that was around 42Hz, the KH120s are 52Hz, next model up are 32Hz but cost ridiculous money.
These Genelecs are 45Hz, gonna buy on finance


better start prodeucin’ meyte! Dubstep bass is a lfo automation on maelstrom with a little bit of chorus.


No idea what u just said m7


Doesn’t matter because he lied anyways. Dubstep bass today is Massive, FM8 or Serum + possibly a vocoder + Izotope Trash/Fabfilter Saturn/Ohmicide. Then the whole thing (just like everything else) goes through 5 instances of Xfer OTT compressor. Also don’t forget about the another 5 OTTs on the mix bus, and 2 Waves Maximizers on the master channel.

This at minimum. Compress 5 times more if the meter is still moving.


Just got the Genelecs this morning.
Put up a wack cheap tempoary shelf yesterday to accommodate.
Just tryied DSOTM as a reference point as i know every single sonic detail.
Fukk me these are nice, haven’t even touched the eq on the back yet.
Deff keeping and just gonna suffer a bit money wise for the next 9 months lol


And they reach the lows on Breakage- Rain :gunfinger:


wicked m8, they are lovely the genelecs, i used to have a pair of 1031As…need to get these 8040As fixed


What’s wrong with them?


they’re from my work, and kind of no longer needed, some fucktard sent them to amsterdam for a trade show last year in basically just a box with a bit of bubble wrap, so needless to say they got smashed up internally en route - they need new drivers (metal housing for the drivers are cracked) and the coils have snapped off their mounts inside, if you play any audio through them it sounds like a swarm of bees are flying around inside lol

You can only get them repaired by authorized genelec dealers and the repairs are relatively expensive, think I’m looking at at least 300 quid to repair one pair (I have 2 pairs)


Oh shit.
Still probably worth the 300 though


yeh defo worth it, waiting till i have the money to do it


Dude at least like produce forumwobblewipstep now. Reason 2.0 has a chorus box.


I used Reason when i was 16 for about a year, made Burial rip offs and down tempo chillout shit.
upgraded to Logic then got put off and overwhelmed with how complex it was lol.
Would like to get back into it, maybe Ableton?
Do people pay for their software these days?
Someone gave me a cracked copy of Reason on 3 discs back then


There’s a free version of ableton you can use to see if you like it.

Check out

The benefits of paying for it and not giving your pewter aids are tangible almost immediately. Updates are nice too.