Monitors for mixing (not production)


Is Ableton pretty much the only decent alternative to Logic?
I heard Fruitly Loops is coming to Macs at sone point?


I’ve been on FL, Reason and now for the last 2 years or something on Logic that is awesome. I didn’t like Ableton, but that was just more about how it looks like and not the actual DAW itself. Reaper seemed too thin 3 years ago.

If you want a decent alternative, there’s Cubase, which many “long-term-gotta-try-every-piece-of-audio-equipment-in-the-world-first-and-then-pick-the-best” type of musicians like Noisia and Rob Swire use.

Thing costs like over 500 bucks however. I haven’t tried it because I know I couldn’t buy it atm even if I would end up liking it.


reason is best for real


dont listen to the h8rs they probs use ableton


i’d suggest giving reaper a try, workflow might not be for everyone, but the price of a legit license is considerably cheaper than any of the other major DAW’s

also the demo version doesn’t have any limitations aside from a “You have been evaluating REAPER for approximately 24513 days now, could you please buy a license?” nag screen at launch


My mate’s selling his pair of Tannoy Reveal 601a. Does anyone have any experience with this model?


Praise jah for redundancy monies :gunfinger: just as the old Mackie’s are starting to play up


the SOS review sounds like they could be nice for DJing

i have Reveal 502a which are a newer design and a bit smaller, overally happy with them, though while the bass is solid, don’t expect them to go ultra-low.