Movie/Video Game OSTs

What are some of your favorite game/movie osts?

Just discovered the Octopath Traveler OST and it’s pretty damn good. Also the BloodBorne OST is amazing imo.

As far as movies I really enjoyed the Into the Spider-verse sound track simply because normally when they put actual songs into a movie they’re ones that have already been over played 6 months ago but I hadn’t heard them that much yet.

Also Brothers Bloom holds a special place for me. The music is so good and the use of character themes is on point


Hyper light drifter has an insanely good soundtrack.

Kingdoms: new land also has a great soundtrack (game kinda sucks tho)


Gonna have to check out the Hyper Light Drifter ost. Really want to play it aswell. Love its art style. I really feel like good game soundtracks go under appreciated. I mean hell even the original Mario OST is amazing for what its worth. You can recognize some of the songs like 3 notes, not an easy feat

Metal Gear Sold 1
FF7 although half of it is a bit shit.
Assassins Creed 2 had some decent music by Jesper Kyd:

The female vocal at 01:05 used to give me thr shivvers whilst walking around Venice for this one:

This 1 in Revelations was sick too walking around Constantinople:

Those games make me want to go to Florence, Venice, Instanbul etc they are like walking around in a renaissance painting, the music worked so well. Shame the new games don’t have music constantly playing anymore

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destiny 1 & 2 has some good tuna. also y boi johann söderquist churnin out bare bangers for battlefield 1 & 5

Grand turismo soundtracks always on point … proper jazzy futuristic bangers !


Think I probably got this from someone on here because I never played Bomberman Hero:

Fallout 4 had an excellent soundtrack.
And rdr2 still gives me goosebumps.

Also the MSX d&b channel from GTA3

choosing a grand theft auto title for this topic is kind of cheating… I mean none of that music was made for the game :thinking:

Ah ok, I see what you mean.
Same with my FO4 suggestion then, I was thinking of the radio stations.

Scratch that then.
I’m going with RDR2. Wonderful soundtrack.

LOTR soundtrack,
Hannibal film,
Hannibal TV series (I listen to this one every day, so hauntingly beautiful, like the guy made music to fit every episode, and sometimes there was even more music than visuals)
Doctor Who, some of the themes are amazing
Children of men

Fallout 3, TES: 3 to 5, HL2.exe

that’s true of the old GTA games but for 5 they hired oh no (madlib’s brother), edgar froese (tangerine dream) and a load of other dudes to do some really good original tunes to be fair

the pause music is a percy

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GTA San Andreas

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i could list about 50 but just gonna go with n64 games

proto dubstep from the pilotwings 64 soundtrack

goldeneye. whole soundtrack is fucken bangen but this is the one.

deku tree music from zelda

body harvest had a really good soundtrack

this one from the 1080 player select screen has been imprinted on my mind for years, big ridd

alright one from the saturn then
big drums :gunfinger::gunfinger::gunfinger:

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Epic shit:

Also this lol so good:

Hans Zimmer is a fucking DON.

rewatched rambo 2 the other day and was surprised at how good the OST is, although most of it is what you’d expect there’s a couple of 80’s synth gems in there, very samplable material imo:

turns out its the same guy who made the first alien OST (and of a bunch of classic 70’s/80’s movies), also a percy:

speaking of games, the soundtrack/sound design in alien isolation is also pretty good

Bloodborne and hyperlight drifter are my two favorites of recent games. Doom 2016 is also pretty great.

For classic games, Crono Trigger and Secret of Mana. Both really memorable

Watched The Grand Budapest Hotel again on the flight back. Man I forgot how good that movie is. Also an amazing sound track on it.

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