Need a new mixer. Suggestions?

Decided to buy a new mixer for the holidays. I can spend about $400 maximum. I’ve been looking at the Ecler Nuo 2.0, Allen and Heath Xone 23. I’m also considering this rotary mixer

I tend to mix Techno / house and dubstep. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with these. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

I’ll sell you my Rane TTM 57SL for $600.

Includes Serato Scratch Live and I’ll throw in a flight case for another $150.

the ecler is a little more versatile and gives you the option to expand your setup with some external effects later on (give me FX sends over shitty pioneer digi FX any day), but that omnitronic is pretty cool especially since nothing else in that price range has an isolator on it.

if you like to mix long and slow go for the rotary, if you’re a fan of quick cuts or xfader action, go for the ecler

The isolator on the Omnitronic is a bit lackluster tbh. However, the build quality is good in general, and you could still upgrade the isolator at a later date if you really wanted to. I only ever touched one though…

Xone:23 is good as far as I can tell, but the filter knob acts as a dry/wet for the fx send at the same time which can take some getting used to. I’m sure @Databoi could offer some more insight. Also note that the Xone mixers feature some unusual cue routing - imho much better than anything you’ll find in clubs, but trust me when I say practicing on great equip at home doesn’t make dealing with crap equip (hi, DJM800) in the club any easier. Just keep that in mind when practicing your mixes. :badteeth:

Ecler make good mixers; sturdy, decent sound (much better than anything Pioneer have ever done) - it’s a safe choice imo.

good to know, was kinda thinking about trying one out haha. shame

Try it out, there’s many people loving it.

Edit: reviews on forums are all good. ALPS potis at this price is a selling point (smooth & durable), and as I said, many like the isolator. As explained below, maybe I had a faulty product in front of me.

Just saw this, from Omnitronics FB apparently (via RA’s comment section). Maybe I had a bad model / not the mk2?

Dear customers and friends of Omnitronic,

we tried our best to offer you an innovative, as perfect as possible device with the TRM-202. Unfortunally, we failed. In a quality check of the Omnitronic TRM-202, errors occurred, which make the device very difficult to operate. That’s why we have to take radical action now:
We need to recall the TRM-202.

Hence we offer you two possibilities to at least make amends:

  • you can return your TRM-202 and of course get your money back (please contact your dealer for this)
  • or, you can keep your TRM-202 and we’ll send you the new, totally revised MK2 version as a replacement for free.

We sincerely regret that these errors occurred and would like to offer you our heartfelt apologies for the inconvenience – the project TRM-202 has not been realized satisfactorily in any way. But we always try to learn from mistakes and so we will offer a properly functioning, totally revised MK2 version. Our self-image as professional manufacturer demands this and we owe it to you

xone 4 ever


what does that isolator do?

I’m pretty sure its just a really nice full kill EQ for the master channel. It’s probably more advanced than that explanation.

so it has master full kill eqs but just high/low 0db eqs for each channel?

xone has 3 band full kill eqs for each channel (im assuming the ecler does to)

so idk why youd want the rotary mixer tbh

It’s more a sexual preference type of thing.

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never heard good stuff about build quality of omnitronic tbh.

i have a 4 channel nuo, and it’s great although a bit different with the way how the eq works and the big knobs (although i like both)

Didn’t have a chance to try X23 only 22 but that was nice too, great faders and EQs, but i didn’t like some stuff about the way the filter worked, which are hopefully fixed now

Xone 4 lyf

u saying u want to fuck theo parrish?

That would’ve been funny if I was a rotary user. :wink:


Mine’s in red.

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Yoooo thought I’d recycle an old thread rather than start a new one as there seems to be a couple of these,

Need some new mixer advice:

I have to choose between a DJM-250MK2 untouched, or a second hand serviced and cleaned DJM-400. I really like the seperate filters and XLR outs on the 250, but the 400 has more effects and is more simillar to the layout of the bigger mixers.

Does anyone know of any serious sound quality issues with either? or of any serious drawbacks?

I’ve been mixing just under 18 months and the crossfader on the mixer im using has never worked, so getting impatient haha.

Thanks in advance for any help!

If you have the loot, then:

Heard the Alien & Heath Xone mixers are really good too.

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One thing that would put me off DJM400 is lack of split cue, you only have ch1, ch2 and master as buttons.

didn’t have chance to play on DJM250, but in your place i think i’d go for it, not so fussed about the FX.
Then again, maybe try something else than pioneer, A&H, Ecler, Rodec have some nice 2ch mixers

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