Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre

Hi, sorry my english is bad i’m french canadian, i’ll keep that simple, me and my girl got 20,000$ to buy gear to produce dubstep, we want a mac book pro:3,500$ , so there’s 16,500$ for buying equipment like ddj-/ piano/headphone, i would like to buy 2 dabs like fl 12: 800$ and another one , the headphone i was looking for the senhenseir hd 800 with the hdvd 800,well i need help to know what exactly i need to buy amd what i need to buy to produce dubstep with my girl , thanks to all advice ,

Sorry to break it to you, but there really is no need to buy 20k$ of gear to make dubstep. Any computer capable of running FL studio or ableton could work. DDJs are only used for Djing and they are usually supplied by clubs you may perform at it. If you cant afford it and arent making money from your music, torrented software is a possibility.

Heres a list of equipment i have and the price:

Laptop - 300$
Headphones - 20$
2nd pair of headphones - 30$
Ableton Live
NI Massive

For under 400$ you could get yourself started with producing and make decent quality music. Your probably not going to make any money for the first 3 years so…


Thanks to anwser me, well I want to give to me th best chance to succeed, I just need advice of everything I need to buy, and we got around 80,000 to survive , theres 20k of gear and 60k for living until it pay off , I know the ddj was for djing , i was looking to buy the ddj-sz from piooner.

In the bass scene, money dosent buy success… Meaning that spending thousands on expensive gear and the newest gadgets wont earn you followers and it wont make your music sound like gold. There are advantages to having expensive gear but they wont become noticeable for a couple years to come.

And unless you are extraordinary and can produce music like an angel you wont achieve superstar levels of success. The best one can do in the scene if they are great is get maybe 15k followers in 6 or 7 years.

I already know that, but i won’t buy for 1000$ of gear and in 5years change it for a new one, and i know gear dosnt do the producer/talent

Before buying a daw (digital audio workstation, the program used to produce), it would probably be best to try out a couple of demos. Would be shit to drop like $200 on ableton then find out you hate it and actually feel more comfortable in like logic or whatever. This also means that when you finally decide on one you will already have an idea of how it works


wow what a weird thread.

what u need to make music is a daw and a lot of keenness. not a shitload of money and a ‘plan’ that brings you to ‘success’

i hope you don’t spend that money and hope you rather spend the next 2 years locked in your room, starting to get into your daw and music production in general

What a bad thread seriously. 20k dollars to make dubstep? I don’t want to sound rude but man srsly… as other users said you can get away even with 3k buying room treatment and good monitors. What you can’t buy are trained ears.
Good luck!

Aight i’ll go in on this one. If you want to make music, specifially dubstep, in 2015, expect to make no money, at all, ever. Dubstep is dead everywhere else in Canada and the US, and it will be completely dead in Qc very soon. (Quebec tends to be about 1-2 years late on music trends coming in and dying off depending on how far you are from Montreal. IIRC You guys still book Dr. Ozi/bait buygore type shit at the Dagobert in Quebec City).

Here are a few assumptions that will help you through your music career;

  1. Facebook is fake
  2. No one cares
  3. Soundcloud is mostly fake and just a twitter-style follow-back whoring
  4. No one cares.
  5. The only way you will make any money at all, is by DJ’ing for chump change if you know some promoters.
  6. You will never get booked anywhere outside of Qc because Dubstep is dead everywhere.
  7. You should produce Prog-Trance.

That being said, if you want to get into it, I would 100% recommend paying for your software, any major DAW you can buy is worth it, and the updates/support/stability of a legit product is worth it in itself. Live/Logic/FL are extremely well supported online and have great production communities for most music genres that will be huge resources for you.

Then, get yourself a decent soundcard. (almost anything in and around 2-500$ range will be more than enough until you are treating your room). Which you probably shouldnt bother with until you are sure you have the resolve to deal with the constant let-down and depression of making sub-par music because you suck and only slowly grasping why its bad for the next year or two.

Also, no one will give a shit about what you do. Litereally, no one will give a single fuck. Again.

Get monitors, don’t get basic KRK’s since you have budget, they tend to be too boomy and you’re music will end up a bit lackluster after the mixdown on most other speakers unless you get someone to mix for you. Go for the KRK VXT series, VXT6’s imo unless you have a big room. The 8’s are too much unless you know how to compensate for the room. You can look at some Focal CMS65’s if you want to go up to about 1k per speaker. They are phenominal but you will get better low-end on the VXT6’s (38hz VS 45hz on the CMS65, the difference being that crucial zone at the top of your sub being more obvious for mixing/building on your tune properly) If you have good headphones you can work with the CMS65’s and work the sub in headphones.

Next, get monitor stands/isolators, these are like 100$ and they improve your bass definition/clarity more than spending 2000$ on better monitors.

If you want to spend money beyond this, I would say 100% buy the Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate 10 package. Its fucking brilliant software and will give you more content than you can ever go through and every major piece of software you will ever need really. I would buy this before buying say, the extra content on Live (you can usually buy the DAW alone or the DAW + Content for a silly price) Having this would allow you to save money on the “suite” version of whatever software you chose.

A good mic to have for sampling/fun and general fuckery is the SM7B (Shure) - Great broadcasting mic and you will be able to record podcasts/rappers/custom vocal hits very well. 100% worth the money, however its not optimal for singing vocals but will still do the trick. (Theres days worth of reading and theory behind this, 10 minutes on google should give a good lay of the land on mics and when to use which)

For the computer, you dont have to get a macbook. Honestly you can get a end-game top of the line Asus i7 for half the price that will blow a macbook out of the water. It doesnt matter really, just preference so I wont get into it.

But yea thats all there is really until you start knowing stuff about mastering hardware and being good at mixing. If your plan is to get “big” then I would recommend instead of spending that 20k on gear, buy the stuff listed above and save as much as you can of that money to put it into a marketing budget with a few dildo “EDM” PR agencies and buying magazine/fb page posts, and getting big artists to remix your songs. Usually, you can buy a brand name remix for anywhere between 200$ to 500$ and getting the artist to repost the songs in question will drive lots of good organic traffic to you.

7 Likes Golden Ears training CD’s are a must

This should help, its also everywhere online if you know how to look.

Dude comes to dsf asking for advice…
Ninjas leave a ton of sarky ass comments parring him off…
Same ninjas later wonder why the feel unfulfilled by their relationships in life and struggle to get to sleep because of the thoughts.

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Absolutely! Those cd’s are a gold mine, even with those our ears need hours and hours of critical listening.
Anyway those cd’s will be a good advice for the op better than shredding cash on gear!

My post is 100% real and honest. No idea wtf you’re on about.


In reality I get a bit rude when people think money is the key to make good music.

Okay dude, seriously, lay the fuck off the shakes.
Just because I posted after you doesn’t mean I posted at you.
Though tbf, it’s kind of pointless to have these conversations with him because at the end of the day, the success that comes with doing well in music is what compells most people to get started in the first place. None of you are saying anything he wouldn’t, or will not, have had to learn the hard way anyway.
At the end of the day, if he’s willing to drop 20 K on it, he’s probably got more love for it than any of us who pirated all our shit when we started out.

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Name names and tag when you post your rhetoric bullshit then instead of hiding behind the ambiguity of not calling out who you’re trying to chop down. You’re a bitch jesslem gtfo.

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Also, when I post like that, the assumption is that people who’re guilty of the acts I’m calling them out on know that I’m talking to them, I say lay off the shakes to you, but I’m beginning to think you’re actually retarded man.
Nah, I’ll pass.

m8 20k $ is probably more money than you’ll ever earn making dubstep