Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre


lol…k bro. Lay off the brostep, you actually are retarded. Its 2015 and your infinity scarf wearing Dj-Hero Rusko even mixes DNB now.


love for the music and love for the lifestyle are two different things


Dunno how you can extricate music from the lifestyle of a music producer, but if you figure it out, hit me up!


Having 20k from your parents to spend because they are well off and they want to support your endeavors is not a measure of passion but a simple result of circumstance. I pay for all my shit because I have a proper job and can afford it but that wasnt always the case. I would argue that someone willing to break the law and face a potential fines/criminal record in order to make music is equally passionate or more.


I’m talking about that fake “EDM DJ” lifestyle that people think they’ll instantly have once they drop a lot of money on gear.


@Databoi Dubstep isn’t dead… Half of all college and edm parties have at least one dubstep act. And a good 1/4 of shows in my area are dubstep or bass heavy shows… It’s still about as hard to become famous in the scene as it was in 2009, 2011, or 2013…That’s just the way edm is. Not because the genre is not peaking in popularity.


[quote=“dansci, post:27, topic:3155”]
2009, 2011
[/quote] those years were peak power-vacuum insta-fame in North America


Dubstep is def not peaking. Theres cool shit going on in the UK and what has come from what remained as “truhed” is p cool but even that will never even get remotely close to reaching edm-bubble-step amplitude. But thats a good thing imo lol…


We Americans are slinging bass too…Just as hard if not harder than UK. And it’s not pop centric 2012 crap. Bottom line, is that it’s incredibly difficult to get anywhere in any genre


Dont buy a lot of gear before you sit down and find out you dont need it at all.

Like I produce all the time, and even if I was super rich, I wouldnt have a need to buy some instrument or machine or whatever.
An ok computer and speakers is all you need.


Yea man, nuff people in the US make quality music, it wasnt a jab at you guys.

Yea, you need visibility through PR and big remixers on your tunes or otherwise, remix some big names and hope you suck out clicks from fans of the artist in question. Thats why I brought up saving the money for press releases and remixers lol. If you can pay a festival promoters to let you mix a good timeslot it helps a lot iirc? @SteveAoki


Dunno that playing loads of shows and watching people enjoy your music isn’t something people like us would’ve fantasized about before we got started though. Dunno it doesn’t happen from time to time now either.

There’s also a lot of presumptuous judgement going on here lol. He never even mentioned EDM, he only said he wanted to make dubstep with his girlfriend, which isn’t bad at all.

We also don’t know how he got his money or how old he is, or his parent’s income and the extent to which they choose to share that with him.
As I said, just grumpy ninjas posting sarky arse comments and giving a newbie shit for no reason lol.

@Databoi, don’t gas. You know exactly just how outraged you would be if you were fined or imprisoned for torrenting. You also know that you only went ahead with it because you figured you would get away with it, not because you’re infinitely edgy and willing to circumvent the law to get closer to your dream of snh hypebeast and, perhaps, music producer. And that even if your parents would’ve bought you the stuff, you still would’ve kept their money to get high and drunk on weekends and buy steroids.

@Ismael_Badache, Buy yourself some decks of some kind. You probably want to start out learning at least CDs for dubstep, though in this day and age, your average party-goer wants to hear more about your selection than they want to faff about with the specs of your set up. But yeah, CD’s and Vinyls are generally standard amongst most dubstep DJs, though ,as stated, you can probably get away with midi. Since you’ve got quite the budget, I’d recommend getting something that lets you use CDs and USBs and you can figure out what you want to do live thereafter, though knowing both will help get you out of unforeseen sticky situations. There are loads of threads here and on the old forum discussing CDJs and Mixers and Speakers/Monitors.
The reason I say this is because you won’t make money off of record sales, especially if you’re not doing well on the performance circuit. As well as this, it’s an important skill to have and you’ll need something to put food in your stomach while you figure out what you’re doing with production. Once you get comfortable with it, go to smaller venues and try chatting to them about residencies and/or regular graveyard sets. It’ll take a while to learn and a little longer thereafter to get bookings but just keep pushing with it and eventually you’ll find some kind of opening.
While doing this, keep making tunes. For now just buy yourself a computer, some speakers/monitors and a midi keyboard, as well as a DAW. But I’d suggest doing the DAW last, because you’d be better off trying a couple of different ones by ‘piracy’ and seeing which one(s) you like best. Give yourself a month or two to pick.
From there, just keep working at it.
Oh, and please note, you should spend as much, if not more, time watching tutorials about sound engineering and general production practices as you should spend watching sound design and synth programming. The latter will only tell you how to copy, the former will give you the skillset to create.


Tbf, american pop is rather bass centric these days, no?


you need to stop doing those ridiculous digs at each other guys



Also we all missed this one and it bears repeating. A lot of the gear one person can suggest can be entirely useless to you because your creative process is compeltely different. One thing I noticed is that theres always several ways to do things and if you lock yourself into doing things one way blind before you even know how you are going to like doing things, it could be a waste of money. Get teh base imo, then add in pieces as you need them and understand the components relevance to your process.

My mom is dead and my dad is in jail. I grew up dishwashing paying rent when i was 15, and still paid for reason 1 after trying it. You’re bait AF finna cop some cheap forum dap making abrasive music acting all jobheaded on here cuz you wrote a progression that goes 1 semitone from C with a KTR automation.


Yea its fucking cringe, feel like im going in on the special olympics with this guy non stop. Guy hasnt come up with a better insult than “you used to work out sometimes” in the last 2 years.


I think Im going to try to make a thread that tries to discuss who has ‘made it’ and who hasn’t, because a lot of names that people assume make money via music - really don’t but have a separate job that lets them have the type of life they prefer to live but by no means have they made it.


Tbf, It’s not an insult, it’s advice. And it more says you need to work out more and use juice less.
Tbh, I don’t get you. I don’t actually dislike you, I tease everyone a little, everyone teases me back. To date you and Agent are the only two to get all agro about it, and it’s dumb. Looks really sad when people go keyboard warrior on music forums tbh. Like this whole thread is pretty much your fault. I didn’t even read your post because it was so long, you’re just gagging for it too much which is why I keep saying, lay off the juice, dude.


Once again you completely misread the post or skimmed over and skipped str8 to kbw ultimate form. I’ve said time and time again that I’ve entirely paid for all software I use and implied it in this very thread as well. I wasnt saying that to covert big myself up (like you’re suggesting) for “pirating” or because I torrent, i dont dude…lol I was just saying, you cant make the argument that someone is more passionate about music because they paid for everything simply because they have the money when theres plenty of people who are well passionate about music with limited income/resources. Start up money is not a measure of passion or legitimacy.

See dude, this is why half the forum has you on ignore. Pointless innit? Im out.


I don’t need to read a post to identify the reasons for, what I recognize to be, an appropriately rational decision that came into question in a different post though.
That said, I don’t understand why your love is expressed by the fact that you paid for your stuff while his couldn’t possibly be, according to your earlier posts at least.
Furthermore, I see no reason to withdraw the argument given that almost everyone on this forum lives in the ‘first world’ and at some point or another could easily have asked for help to purchase their stuff if they needed it.
At any rate, under no circumstances is it logical to insist that dropping that much money on music equipment makes someone less likely to be invested in the endeavor of music production, which is a claim you alleged earlier.
And while you’re correct to say that the money itself is not a measure of passion or legitimacy, acquiring it definitely is. Even you, working hard washing dishes to get your hands on the records and gear you sought after as a teenager. The money didn’t make you the ‘true head’, spending the money how you spent it definitely did though. And it doesn’t do anybody any justice to call them out about how they earn their money, doesn’t do any of the callers any justice either. What if instead your parents had been around and you had managed to afford that from doing something less gruelling, like a paper round or delivering milk, or even asking them (like skream and benga probably would’ve tbf)? Would that delegitimize you as a musician? Would you appreciate it if somebody attacked your integrity on such fallacious grounds? No, you wouldn’t.