Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre


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I didnt attack him, I never said anythign bad about him or how he got his money and this is exactly why its so cringe having a conversation with you. You dont read anything and just go in from left field putting words in people’s mouthes and its hella-irritating. Then you go on wondering why everyone is so aggro with you from thread to thread.

I assumed his parents are well off because he looks young and that would be the most logical reason for some teen to have 80k apart from a local government subvention which are common in Quebec but I never said anything bad about it or him, so I dont know where you got half of that shit up there.

As far the paying for software thing goes, I dont say it like i think it makes me better or more passionate about music than thou. I say it because I believe these are great products and the people that make them deserve my money. I say it because thats my stance on piracy, and I believe that its a redeeming quality to have.

Tbh I only say that and feel this way about it because I can afford too. I don’t care about other people who dont pay for their shit for whatever reason and I dont think im better than them. If i had to chose between not making music or making music and pirating software my shining armor would get pawned off in seconds for a cracked live 8.


I think you’re missunderstanding what I mean when I say “attacked his integrity” and don’t say “attacked him”.
Having 20k from your parents to spend because they are well off and they want to support your endeavors is not a measure of passion but a simple result of circumstance. I pay for all my shit because I have a proper job and can afford it but that wasn’t always the case. I would argue that someone willing to break the law and face a potential fines/criminal record in order to make music is equally passionate or more.

In response to what you know you responded to, while going on about how he seems to lack passion is a rather heavy attack on his integrity. Perhaps you’re right though, and I’m misreading your tone of expression. In either case, you went on to mention that you had worked in a kitchen whereas he may have been able to ask parents, you don’t even know he has, for the money. I’m not even saying that the judgements you passed were factually incorrect, I’m just saying it’s not really your place to pass them and that, in either case, he’d learn about the music industry from practice just like you had to.

Also wasn’t saying you said in a snobbish way, nothing wrong with being proud to contribute to the industry you want to be a part of at all, just saying that your rationale to question people who contribute is flawed.

Also to re-iterate. Not everyone. You and agent.
Also, I know why people get salty with me, don’t know why they choose salt though.

Got me burning pancakes, Dboi.


yes that was my plan,try some demo and buy the one I want , thanks :slight_smile:


databoi thank you for anwsmer me,well the money is from my girl who lost his dad, it’s the legacy money :3, she and I love music ,all kind but I love more dubstep,I’ll do my carreer not only on dubstep but I want to share my love to music to the world,it’s not for the cash or anything,just the feeling looking at a crowd who love what you are doing for them, I and she Want to put 20k on gear cause it’s our faith man ,trust or don’t trust but I don’T see myself anywhere else, I love n love n love music. All I ask is not a war of comment or the best anwser, I just want a list of what I need to buy that wil fit all together. Don’t fight over some word n comments plz,share the love of music and never tell some one he can’t succeed cause I will even if you say dubstep is dead, IT IS NOT DEAD, the music of edm or dubstep or riddim or anything you want is still alive and I will do my best to make it powerfull and grow it bigger. Now can some one plz tell me a good setup for about 16.500$ and the macbook pro, even if all the planet say I dont need 20k of gear I will buy it cause I want it. thanks all very much appreciate to take some time to anwsmer, very very appreciate :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Dude, In all seriousness because I have to bounce and Im just going to stop replying at this point because every post you put down gets worse and worse. Where the fuck did you see me post this? Cuz i dont see it in the actual text/words that I wrote. So i’m really confused as to how you could claim I said or implied that.

Honestly, I said it up there and got sucked back in but for real im out. It’s like you make shit up when what I write is there black on white.

@Ismael_Badache feel free to PM if you have any confusion as to what just happened in here. I also speak French if you are more comfrtable with that.


christ man don’t shell out 20k Ur girlfriend inherited on music gear just becuz U “love dobstep” U don’t even know if u like producing. Just use 300 dollars to buy decent used speakers and torrent a copy of ableton live then spend a month looking at tutorials and fooling around with the daw. I’d say it takes a long time, probably years, till the amount of time spent dabbling with the software finally pays back. and I’m NOT talking about financially literally pays back, just that maybe ina couple of years you’ll produce something that you might consider even remotely good. it’s a rough rough path many have walked before but it’s just music have fun don’t expect anything though.


also Signal and jesslem u lot need to sort it out I love you both but I hate to see u fight just leave it yeh


My god I just read ur latest post Seriously don’t buy anything lol it’s a fucking waste. I wouldn’t want 2 sound condescending but you seriously not gonna love dupstop always please reconsider using thousands of dollars on music gear. Guess it’s better than smack and the resale value is alright but still, for the love of god at least have a try at first before doing anything rash.

singal maybe u can tell him what I said in french hope he’ll come to his senses


@topmo3 well,I already try to produce and my computer wasnt strong enought to run it for hours,so I was producing like 30min ,restart computer, ect , so I quit and now i’m back with money, it’s maybe my girlfriend money but we both love the music and the scene and we both want to do this like profession,I dont want to be rich or famous,just make fun and love and share my fun and love to the world, i’ll try with my 20k gear aniway,. to everybody, stop pulling ppl down. At least tell me you can suceed you just need time effort and devotion, I got all that and I’m willing to win.I wont buy a 5k gear and I wont stop untill I reach some ppl heart with the future sound I hope I will do. love and music thats all I wantl. I got love I just need music and some fan love. peace , Databoi already private message me and he is the man, peace thanks to all those advice :smiley:


Okay let’s be straight forward since i feel like you’re only picking up crumbles and not the most realistic advices :

Please trust us when we say buying expensive gear before you have a couple years of producing under your belt is the best way to squander this bunch of money you two just got.
You’ll see as you go that it can pretty much be an obession and a trap but mostly be UNNECESSARY.

You know how people buy tons of books and have full libraries but really just read a fraction of it or just never do ?
Well that’s what’s up with gear pretty much. You don’t know what kind of working method you’re gonna be into just know. And even if you htink you do, trust me it’s gonna change or at least evolve. I tried eveything : mpc’s, dozens of synths, pretty much every well-known control surfaces, different speakers, smaller or bigger soundcards, different mics to eventually go lower in price range once I reached my price peak… It’s nonsense, your need will change monthly, you’re gonna sell a lot and buy similar shit or you’re gonna stop using things without even noticing it. Everybody does, it’s not a weakness, it’s passion. We do also love music and those things are like toys really, just toys until you find what suits you.

Don’t make the mistake to waste it big time. I guarantee you, I see how you love music, and 20k worth of gear is gonna bring you nothing until at least 1 or 2 years making mistakes and learning the hard way. It’s not gonna help you learn faster or better (actually there’s a good chance you’re gonna be slowed down having too much to touch and dispersing yourself in endless possibilities thus learning the basics way slooower and maybe even get stuck at some point when you loose creativity because gear will bring you as much as you can do with it : which means pretty much nothing serious at first).

You really make me think about me when I started, I would have exploded that 20k budget in a matter of weeks haha :smiley:

High-end gear is like a fine wine ; you won’t taste the difference unless you mastered oenology. That old dude is gonna poor you this drink and marvel about it for 15min until you take your first sip and think to yourself "ahem okay i just drank that shit bought in a costco for 3 quids two days ago"
And I promise you, regular price range gear is perfectly suitable for a lifetime of producing. A great deal of producers launched their career from their bedroom like everyone, with the gear they needed (which means the one they wisely bought when they were sure they needed it, once they were skilled and prepared enough for it, and even then most won’t buy pricy stuff if they don’t need too. Let’s say an octatrack is already a big commitment for a producer for example).
It’s what you make that counts really. A great creative and original tune beats a polished gear-dependant loud tune anyytime. I don’t know what you listen to but the real deal, they could spit a jewel with an average windows laptop a pair of speakers a surface control if they feel like it and their mouse.

I’m not saying go minimal (which i feel is the impression you’re getting giving your answers), I’m saying go for regular stuff. Okay if you want to have a guilty pleasure go for a macbook it’s not the end of the world, it’s shinier you don’t really need it though but hell, at least that if you want.
For the rest buy a decent soundcard (i settled for the Steinberg UR models, they’re solid and will do anything with you) which is the heart of your system (your laptop being the brain). Than a good pair of speakers (trust me they don’t need to reach 2000 quids, you won’t hear that much difference and you won’t be better at mastering other than with knowledge, not with that). Than a pair of headphones or two so you can compare your mix. The rest really just depends on what the future holds for you, just make your first tunes with that and browse the web for a surface control if you feel like it (i’ll admit it’s a good helpfull and motivating way to start as a beginner, you can screw with things and have fun as you start and later it’ll come handy). Synths really won’t matter before a long time. You have crazy softwares which can replicate those and maybe later when you’ll be used to how they work and find one that suits your ear, you can buy it hardware. Until then it’s complete waste of money really, just take a regular master keyboard to handle your midi and play your notes from any software.

Keep that precious money in the bank and use it once you will REALLY require a specific peace of hardware, don’t just buy out of gearlust. You won’t have more chance to make it in the scene because you buy lots of stuff. Dudes are gonna climb over you with their laptop and speakers any day if they know how to use it.

Dubstep requires heart and skill, any music does. Your first tunes will be crap as for EVERY SINGLE human who ever made music. And you will make them with a learning prospect and randomness in your mind only.
Than later you will start making the music you FEEL, that’s the kind of music that will make you special one day. When the time is right, when you know what you made of and find yourself, your sound, to finally be the producer you want to be.


i utterly hope the OP will appreciate your effort on writing that large as text to save him from doing a super dumb move


@Ismael_Badache You should tell your girlfriend to invest her money, bro.


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hire a ghost producer and buy a load of followers


You want to support dubstep music with your money? Invest that money into an up-and-coming bass music record label. Like mine :smile:

Jk really you just should invest that into a 401K or some kind of retirement plan (not sure what they have in Canada). That money would be better used in some sort of investment plan rather than splurging on electronic music equipment. But I’m repeating what everyone else has said, so yeah.


Slingin’ dem bass mon.