Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre


I use studio one and really like it, easy workflow in my opinion and pretty good for mixing, lacks a bit on the MIDI part and the built in synths imo

its worth giving it a go, got it for pretty cheap on a black friday a few years ago so now could be a good time to check it out


I got it for free off their site. It’s a basic version but seems to be really feature-rich and it’s not time limited so fingers crossed I can figure it all out!!


Imagine your girlfriends dad dies and you are like… “we should spend the money you get on synths and stuff yeah?”


It’s cookie monster all over again


Not sure if this helps anyone or not but here is my own experience:

1 year ago I started out making loops on my computer using LMMS when I had just my PC and earpods, and importing them to my ipad and using them in garage band (before I knew what there are actually demos), made really crapy songs that don’t flow at all… fast forward half a year… I get FL Studio and a MIDI keyboard… Fast forward to now, my fellow producer friend lent me his audio interface and a set of monitors.


Here are my main tips
samples aren’t everything, I don’t suggest buying sample packs, download free ones.
I don’t know how many times I have been disappointed in a sample pack, don’t buy them for the bass loops or the synth loops, drums are ok. But still, free ones are still ok.
learn how to use a software synth (subtractive, additive, FM, granular)
before you buy anything download a demo of a DAW and make sure you like producing
Once your sure, but a set of monitors, a daw, and importantly, an audio interface (helps a lot) and optionally a midi keyboard (I have a 2 octave range keyboard (sufficient) and it costs around 50$)
it may be necessary to pirate software sometimes, especially if you don’t have the coinage. But its best if you buy it as soon as possible.

Hope that helps someone :slight_smile: