Need pro advice for starting to buy gear to produce dubstep/subgenre




I think the thing to understand is that hardware isnt “insta pro sound” And that cable routing, MIDI sync, recording, sequencing etc are actually all extra things a beginner is going to have to learn/deal with. None of that stuff is an issue if you stay inside a DAW.

Starting at zero and starting with hardware is like climbing mountain if starting with just a DAW is hiking uphill.

In a DAW at least most people can load up a synth and make it play a note and hear the note without cracking a manual. Good luck with that in hardware land if your a complete newbie.


This is very true, it can be extremely hard to troubleshoot a problem when you are hooking a lot of new gear up all at once too. Much easier to learn and maintain a studio when you build it up slowly over time, adding a new piece of gear only when you know that your current set up is lacking.


Yea, I wouldnt call myself an expert, but I know a thing or two and sometimes something fucks up and it takes me an hour to track down the hitch…

…couldnt tell you then the last time I spent an hour trying to fix something working all in my DAW but its been some years…maybe 4 or 5 at this point…


Lives with parents, inherits bunch of money, buys ‘dubstep gear’.
There’s already enough reasons to move out, but if you’re serious about
making it in music you have to live in a place with a very healthy dance music scene
for sure. Not sure if the major cities in Canada fit that description tbf, but I am sure
you can do better.

Just close the thread and start a private convo with Databoi, he’s a money guy.


Yeah sure let’s just push the guy to go dilapidate his girlfriend heritage in the offchance he’d be one of those originals who can manage to break the rules and make it big.

Go dude, everything will be handled to you once you got expensive gear in your hands.

Damn, i’m glad to pass as a naysayer if it means i’d be one of those who triied to push him making great stuff without throwing his money away, at least i’m not a ■■■■, no one wants to break his dream, just wishing him to make it and be realistic about what he really needs right now, which is : Not much.

Just sitting down in a room for a WHILE and learn to express what’s in his body. (masturbating is not what I mean obviously)


This thread is dead.


yeah the guys long gone


If there ever was a thread to lock, or preferably even delete, it is this one.
Now it is probably just going to turn into a debate about old Sesam Straat episodes.


I’ll start us off. This one was just blatantly racist at points, but overall I really enjoyed it


i enjoyed how this one really brought out the outrage in a lot of us and how the community really came together to help/warn this guy of the pitfalls and dubsteps along the way of his chosen path. In a sense, I feel as if this was one of those “ghost of xmas past” tests where we all got teleported away to a new dimension to see what has been done and will be done wrong…but we all passed. I think that somewhere in a distant galaxy/dimension, this very ghost of dubstep past and future is smiling, happy with us, and if you look up in the sky at night, you can see a light flicker from his eyes as he watches over us.


You’re Dutch, right? What are your views on Black-Pete?


I heard that this year there’s going to be ‘pieten’ painted all kinds of colors. I feel
like that kind of magnifies the whole issue by overcompensating. Same with the emoticons
or that mascot in some of the Community episodes.
I wonder if more black people would volunteer now though.

But tbh, I meant for this to become a discussion about the Dutch version of Sesame Street
in general. What is Meneer Aart up to this week? Why is Pino named after an Italian tree
and not simply his giant, bird-like appearance?


Hey, I’m new to dubstep production and I was wondering what software I would need to get started. All I need is to hear it through my headphones and to be able to make it. I already have the laptop and monitor, I just need the the software. Thanks, I don’t really know if I’m too late to the forum, but I hope not.


There are a lot of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) this is the software that you are referring too.

Here is a guide for the popular ones but they include:- Cubase, Reason, Logic Pro, Fruity Loops, Ableton

Some tips for starting out:-

  1. If your room isn’t treated, aim to get as good a sound from your headphones as possible, do some research and get a nice flat pair, possibly with some software like sonar works to make it more neutral. Eventually when you can afford to treat your room (or are in a nice room that doesn’t need much treatment) you can look at upgrading your speakers (monitors)

  2. Reference , Reference, Reference. If you don’t know what a good mix sounds like make sure you take frequent breaks to listen to well mixed songs and compare them.

  3. Try to find your own sound. “Be authentic” other artists may inspire you to make music sure but if you try to make their sort of music but just “not as good” then you will always be second place. Find your unique style whatever that is and keep hunting till you find it.

  4. Less is more. When processing see what you can get away with not doing. Especially when starting out it’s very easy to keep adding more and more processing till your mix is a big ol’ mush. Keep it simple.

  5. Experiment. Ok this compression sounds good but what about trying a different one? different settings? This doesn’t oppose number 4. Don’t keep adding more just try different things to see if another tool can do a better job.



finding your own sound is a useless advice imo. it’s the fruit of years of labour, unless you’re exceptionally talented. I’d say just concentrate on having fun and making as much finished tunes as you can. and watch a lot of tutorials on your software of choice. learn the lingo as well so you can find a tutorial or other advice when you hit a wall and have an idea in your head but can’t make it


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This guy is prob headlining festivals by now


Has anyone ever used/would they recommend Studio One 3 Prime from Presonus?
I want something basic, intuitive and easy to use.


my mate uses Studio one and seems to be happy with it.

When i tried it, it seemed a bit clumsy to me, but i’m sure that’s mainly due to being used to work in another daw.