No bass at loefah show

taken from his FB:
“Ok- there is a massive sound limit on @phonox_london - this means there is no bass and it will be super quiet. Me and @thebugzoo apologise”

intrigued by this. Why would a club have a massive sound limit?

People who live close to the venue make noise complaints. Council makes them turn the volume down. Bass is omnidirectional, so becomes the main target for level reduction.

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simple as that. too bad

loefah is b8 no base at his shows imo,cant even hear all the 804 kick drums anymore

probably just the bug fannying around with the filters as ever

(peak tho fuck this town)

Wonder if they regret changing the basement into a wanky chill out room now that they cant contain the sound well on the 1st floor haha

‘Networking area’, dahling.


Surely they’d want a chill room at the entrance, not the basement? No? Just seems logistically stupid to put something like that anywhere else in a club. Leave the bar up there too.

Haha yeah jesus keep that shit at work ffs.

Ive not been to the venue yet, just what Ive read on-line,was just bemused as to why you would. Funny enough I was going to go to this as my first visit but sacked it off

You just knew the new owners would fuck that place up.

Not the fact that longer frequencies of sound waves travel more easily through solid matter?

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Checked out the 20/20 night yesterday. First time I’ve reached this place since Plan B. It’s no joke about how super quiet it is inside there.

i think the bug is colour blind, man can;t tell red from green


also chaining 28 kaoss pads all on max gain won’t help

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yeah if he layed off the effects for like 1 minute his sets could get a chance to breathe, swooshing reverb so loud it;s literally destroying whats left of my ears for no reason, i guess it’s that kind of ‘fuck u if u cant handle the intensity’ attitude which is annoying because his music is allready good…

like, lemme just saturate the colours in this film ur watching sooo much to the point u cant see it

enjoying that food? how about i pour 12 inches of extra hot chilli powder on it yeah??

no THE bug, stop it please

ps i have tinitus