Oldest jungle (160-170) tune? 1992


This was being played when I started going to raves when I was 14! It was a different world and I’m getting old but I remember this was always played in the middle of sets to give people a breather.


This always smashed it, I could clog the thread with loads but I’ll let someone else speak lol


nah man feel free (just not too many known ones so I can discover some :D)


This was heavy on a big rig.




NLT killing it with the rave nostalgia.

So many dances… so many dead brain cells…


probably this 1?

always posts really cool shit

like i swear this is on a deeper level than krust usually does tunes on…and i like krust


Earliest one i know


This was an MC favorite and she was fucking hot.


Track I made with Headhunter\Addison Groove back in the day he was a kid then fuck knows what year.


An old friend of mine got hit up by her ostensibly to do some production ghostwork back inna day but when he met her irl she just wanted his body lol.

NLT, you have any previous usernames here?


Hope he gave it to her! I have been and previously on here.


Let’s just say I think he still has PTSD from his night with her. :wink:

BOH to my fellow junglist elders. :smashedlol:


She had a great set on her, she was the Hannah Wants of her day just much better looking.


1990 - Hype: “Mystery Man [manager of Fantasy] was inspirational. He’d take us to raves. Leave us in the car then come back ten minutes later and take us straight to the decks to play. He was a one-man army.”

Fantasy FM shut down to start broadcasting on cable, which unfortunately never happened. Despite being off air Mystery Man continued to host legendary Fantasy raves at Astoria, London with DJs Rap, Hype, Krome, Spice, Rap, Colin Faver, Fabio, Grooverider, DJ Ron, Kenny Ken and Randall all part of the Fantasy posse.

Kiss FM were granted a license and resumed broadcasting. Many of the DJs that had made the station famous moved on or were fired and the station took an increasingly commercial angle.

1991 - Shabba D: “It all happened from the Nightingale Estate, Clapton, Hackney: Weekend Rush, Kool, Defection. All the mans was from there.”

In September 1991 Weekend Rush launched from the Nightingale Estate and so began a new era in dance music known as jungle. Hardcore station Pulse followed suit with a big weekend show coming from Hype. Three weeks later Kool FM was set up by Eastman (then owner of a security firm and reggae sound) and Smurf and launched on 94.5FM. Both stations attracted big name DJs and MCs. Rush had Red Ant, Brain Killer, Mix Master Mike, Rusher, Funky Flirt (who later switched to Kool), Ragga B, Shabba (who later switched to Defection then Kool) and Tony T whilst Kool had the likes of Brockie, DJ Ron, Younghead, Ragga Twins, Det, 5ive-O and Navigator.

Weekend Rush ruled the airwaves but were notorious for taking their raving more seriously than the station. Eastman was more sensible, stockpiling equipment ready for DTI hits.

Eastman: “We worked close with Rush. We were top enemies but we were friends. We shared a flat. We was in the bedroom, the living room was middle ground, then you had kitchen where they were.”

Rave stations Chillin, Deltaforce and Audio Maze continued to play a mix of hardcore, house and jungle in London. Ratty played on Signal FM whilst Mickey Finn rinsed out Green Apple with Funky T and Dominate, Gemini and Nicky Blackmarket, Carl Cox and Kenny Ken.



I think some Roni Size bits are from 89 too


:cornlol:- 1967 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHhfkFS8cGY :alien:

oooold dillinja


Super edits


While the last two are prob considered more happy hardcore it is a couple of good examples of where it started to cross over for some producers.


Don’t make me bust out Charlie lol

alright fuggit, if we’re going there… BPMz be damned. :skull:

so many memories… :crying_cat_face: