Oldest jungle (160-170) tune? 1992


I thought the whole point of this thread was to find the earliest jungle tune?
Not that there is anything wrong with posting bangerz


Fuck it Ok it’s on


Yeah we’re getting carried away lol




Going AWOL OT mah OGs

Junglist man dem haffi memory problem, seen :amen:





newest jungle tune


Sending for the DSF Junglists.

I once posted a Jungle tune in the SNH dubs section and got a few people to post up their DnB.



:surprised: :praise:

Shame about the audio quality.


:arrow_double_up: I got shamed for posting <160. :lebebe:

But seriously

I’m almost as allergic to diva vocals as four on the floor lol.


eh my bad, i’m just kinda treating this as the hardcore/jungle thread :smiley:

and yeah i’m not usually a fan either, but that track is just the perfect ‘90’s raver track’ package to me, you might have a different opinion (I probably wasn’t even born when this was released.)


Nah, totally agree - that anybody was even creating that vibe back then = :thumbsup:

I was two years out of high school in '92.

pic from Ronzlo’s last high school reunion


Stole all of these from another thread.

(Doc Scott was part of nasty habits)






whish it would be on here


theres always a similar thread to this on doa

but here its not so much the style but the origin of the word jungle and junglist
but this is from 86
apparently the jungle refers to a spot in jamaica called arnett gardens/concrete jungle


Classic clip.


Yep. It’s also known alternatively as the Dunghill (because when pronounced with a Jamaican accent, dropping the H, it rhymes with ‘jungle’, and) because the site was built on top of an old rubbish heap.