Our band could be your life

punk/alt shit, hardcore->grunge

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great idea for a thread

not exactly the same tip but in terms of newer bands, I’ve been really enjoying Cult of Youth lately

god’s garden is a great track but I can’t seem to find it on Youtube


if i ever get to play a dawn last set of a festival i wanna close with this

wanted to go see sir richard bishop two days ago but i had shit to do, was tired and i had to wake up early the next day

yeah cult of youth are great

iceage are p sick

but they give off a certain #sadboi tumblrcore vibe tho

this is one of my favourite bands ever

must have played their “change in the neon light” album like hundreds of times

only album i fully like from christian death tbh

anything from blue swan music http://blueswanrecords.com/releases/ if you’re into stuff like dance gavin dance

and some “gothic country” lol

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feeling a little grimed out this week, enjoying this

been rinsing this album

This thread is really allover the place genre wise really but I approve

Here’s some farily ugly stuff

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I just think the title of this track is hilarious. I really like Japanese hardcore punk a lot.

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haha yeah, had sst stuff in mind at first but rather have broader scope for just cool underground rock type stuff that people are feeling (rather not call it indie, unpleasant memories of my nme subscription days)

Well going more Indie then…

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I KNOW this doesn’t really go here but there was no rock thread on the front page and I just remembered this band cuz I used to like it forever ago. this track is nice

wrong orchid m8


the only band i ever really liked lol (actually with the exception of chiodos)

probably pretty brostep now i think about it but whatever

Chiodos - All’s Well That Ends Well (complete brostep)

chiodos are p cool tho

mewithoutYou were good back in the day, before they became a weird folk-ish band writing songs about walruses n shit

maybe a bit yelpy but banger

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I had these guys warm of for me once which should have been the other way around. . .
Quite a big sound from just two guys…