Outlook Festival 2015

A general thread for this year’s Outlook.
Who’s going?
Boat party tickets went on sale tonight, Deep Medi obviously sold out immediately, I’ve got mine for the Antisocial one!

I’m going. Missed out on Swamp boat party so went for Zed Bias one, the special guest is clearly Loefah anyway. Think Klose One in the sun on a boat would be sick. Got a Anti Social boat ticket too, pretty fucking criminal Jay 5ive ain’t there.

So yeah whos going eh? few of us might be headed over this year, just working it out.

im going! got tickets to swamp81, toddla t, anti social, RA.

Don’t suppose anyone has a spare room going for me an my Mrs haha. Not enjoying looking at a bus an camping prospect

Camping was 1/2 the vibes last time

Haha maybe but after Glastonbury I’m not sure I can hack another week

Nah Lenham get on that lung infection hype you know its part of the fun

Couldn’t think of anything worse than camping in that heat.

Its all about trying to get 4 hench croatian wasps out of your 2 man tent whilst on a heinous comedown


Do you think Outlook or Dimensions Festival is better?

Dimensions has arguably the better lineup, Outlook the better vibe*. it’s all preference, really.

*reportedly. never been to dimensions

Can’t pick one or the other, they’re pretty different festivals IMO. Did both last year, and the median age of Dimensions is at least 5 years older than Outlook haha, and there’s less than half the amount of people there. Would agree the vibe at Outlook is more lively though, which is probably due to the extra amount of people and the general (wooioi gun finga) attitude bass heads have towards the music as opposed to the calmer house/techno heads.

Only doing Outlook this year, can’t get enough time off work for both. Super excited, got Deep Medi, DSF & ResidentAdvisor boat tickets. :smile:

Oh yeh shit so there is like 7 of us going and got a villa. £90 each for a bed an shower and only 30min walk from festival

We had the same situation last year - sick!! Even had a pool; best come-down ever. Enjoy man!

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I’m heading for Dimensions/Outlook in T-Minis 4 hours and 27 minutes. The excite is real

ah jheez your doing the whole lot? mad. not sure i could hack that haha.

We will be heading over next Tuesday, couple days to chill then Thursday Converge party :corndance:

I’m gunna try do both next year. Still a bit early to be going over though!

I head out Tuesday as well.

Can anyone say anything about transport from Pula to the festival area? I know there are buses (how frequent are the courses?), how much is the taxi, any other options you recommend etc.

Bun u lot