Overrated Dubstep Tunes

Tunes that in your opinion are overrated, over-hyped at the time they were released, and don’t hold up to the test of time

Many Funtcase tracks are like this for me.

In no way is it a bad song, in fact it’s pretty good. But for me personally, I reckon anti war dub is a bit of an overrated mala tune, I just think he has much better tunes but AWD seems to get rated higher


I get what you’re saying. I don’t think it’s really a bad track either, I think it’s overrated as well.

Every loefah tune

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Tortured / Shattered

I have mad respect for Youngsta, but I feel same way about many of his tunes that I’ve heard

I thought that was Icicle’s way of going around his exclusive contract with Shogun.


No ways mate, Youngsta’s musical output is solid though that kind of vibe has been out of favour around here for a while now.

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Will have to review some of his tracks then, I’m always willing to reconsider. Any tracks you can think of in particular?

Masai Mara
Cold Blooded (Surge on the flip is good too)
Twisup VIP

he only has a handful of tunes with his name to them besides those and the one you posted earlier.

I reckon Destruction’s alright ya know

Although for how similar they sound would’ve been more up for Momentum

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Anybody know this sick throwback?

Please don’t ban me. :joy:

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Ban pls


Digidesign / You Don’t Know What Love Is

What dont you like about Digidesign??

That second synth melody is butter

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Coki - Spongebob
Coki - Redeye
Coki - Horrid Henry

Overrated as fuck, IMO.

did man just say Spongebob is overrated

the only other tunes I can think of that come even close to Spongebobs level of gunfinger are Goblin and maybe K Man - Propaine


redeye probably but not spongebob

Nah red eye is sick, second drop on that is :fire:

Edit - and them shuffly hi hats…

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They’re practically the same tune.

Red Eye is probably the least shit out of the three, but honestly they’re all pretty similar. Same tune with a different ker-a-zy bass sound.