Party Tunes

I’m going to be doing a trial for a DJing gig in a few nights. The venue, a tavern, wants party tunes: music in the charts and 80s/90s music.


Uhhhhghh good luck haha. Check the 80s bangers thread for some stuff.

Definately gabber… or grime prefferably anything by flirta d, tempa t, or the midlands/birminham massive.

yeah, especially because a lot of those were made in the 80s and 90s


See this thread: House party tunes

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I guess that’s why you do research first.

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So you’re basically going to be pressing “autocue” all night?

What I was doing was mixing across the ending of one with the start of another, not beat matched. So a lot of staring blankly at a screen in between.

Actually, the guy didn’t want anything super cheesy like Kesha.

They’re having me again on Saturday after the football grand finals for AU$100 for 3 hours.

They’ve also come up with the idea of an 80s/steak night on Thursdays.

y’all gon’ make me lose my mind


Oh nice. You’re in Oz? At least you got the gig.

Yeah, I’m in Australia. Thanks.

Power went out 45 minutes in, so I had a beer and went home.

ultimate banger

wrong, i did some comparative experiments and the ultimate banger is the ghostbusters theme song

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