Post your music


Check this out (:slight_smile:



Here’s a track I’m working on. Looking for constructive criticism, particularly with the mix. Please give me your thoughts on it, would really appreciate it.


Listen to Blood District by Gamite #np on #SoundCloud


I hope you’ll like this one.


Just put a free download up on my soundcloud

Have a gander

Johney's dubs


My take on UKG



Here’s one of my new Dubstep tracks

And here’s one I made a long while back lol!


hey guys new here.

just finished this up yesterday. let me know what yall think.


My first full length track with three unique drops. Honest and constructive feedback + sharing the song if you like it would be awesome!


I’d love some feedback on my new song called 4.20 - Globzski (dubstep)


Hi I recently uploaded my first song and would like to get some feedback!



My first song,


Listen to Road To Outlook 2018 by nishiurakunn #np on #SoundCloud


Currently doing a 30 tunes in 20 days type thing, in spite of holding down a teaching in an intense part of the year. Any feedback is great - my music is mostly centred around dubstep and grime.


Dubstep music from Brussels
We got 3 EP’s out since the start 2018 (free download on bandcamp)
More coming soon



Hello everyone!

I’m new in DJ-ing. Started mixing using Virtual DJ just couple of days ago. I posted my mix on SoundCloud. I know, it’s packed with mistakes of various kinds. But I’d like to hear your opinions and suggestions in order to improve my skills. Thank you! Here’s the link:


Sylent - Carnival (Trap)