Post your'e music

diablo-infused something I’m working on currently…

rarely comment on this thread but dude, this is actually so sick, big ups!

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Subs are in for the Burial production competition

Please support the forum and go have a listen and place your vote


some lost dubs from the jaydot days

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some really good ones in here, glad you left them up lol. tribal dance :gunfinger:

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Big up theres also a ninja remix floating around i can’t think by who though

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Good days.

Felt inspired idk, made a quick one, fun stuff.

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I wanna remix your lil devotion thing there if you got stems to provide. Feel like I could make a cool garage tune out of it.

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Sure man that can be arranged

latest dubplates

Dope. Fun stuff. yeah man lets talk then got a discord or somethin?

yeah but you can always pm me on here

More fitting to post it here. I enjoyed remixing this man. Had a lot of fun with it.

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Liking this man!

Big up

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