UNBURIED: The Lost Tracks of Burial - Production Competition

UNBURIED: The Lost Tracks of Burial

It’s 2024 and Hyperdub have just found a flash drive in the drawer of a desk in a back office being used for storage. The word “Burial” is scrawled across a scuffed white label in black biro. It’s probably just the premasters from the first two albums right? Nothing to get excited about. But… what if… Tentatively they boot up the drive and there is one folder titled “Unused

Surely not…

Imagine if Burial had kept some tracks back from those two seminal albums.
What would they sound like?


BPM: Burial
Genre: Burial
Samples: HERE You may only use, manipulate, destroy, and abuse the samples in the pack. No drum machines or synths.
Deadline: Monday 6th November

Turn off your grids and fire up your pitchshifters.

The best Burial interview imo HERE
Burial drum tutorials 1 - HERE, 2 - HERE, 3 - HERE

One vote each. Voting will stay open until Monday 13th November

  • 01 Stairswell That Ends Well
  • 02 Down Londis
  • 03 South Brooklyn Boroughs
  • 04 Come Inside
  • 05 In Mariah Carey
  • 06 Guard My Heart
  • 07 Shortbus
  • 08 Tell 'Em
  • 09 Big Poopies
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cool theme, but im not participating until i get tagged


Shit sorry dude. Tagged.

ah finally! i probably would have won them all if i didnt sit out in protest

pack is nice, already got the burial vibes goin


Started making a drum beat lmao. But prolly gonna sit paralysed and not deliver.


You goon, you should have just said, I can’t remember everyone’s name!

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youre good lol, i didnt submit because they sucked

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great idea
not sure i have time
not tagged

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Ouff, Sleeps is sleeping


Wtf. Maybe I sleepwalked and bashed my head on the corner of a cupboard.

Hubb tagged too.

Sorry bois. Not on it this morno.

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don’t worry bro

never been tagged for this


Fuck dude sorry

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dont worry i’m too busy with other projects anyway
we’ve joked about this before

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I’m intrigued

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Hah oh fucking hell
Added you!

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Anyone else sleeps forgot to tag? Maybe @Dubstep_Warrior? I mean, cuz when I think of Burial I think of tories… :smirk:

But srsly, great selection going here. Was interested in the vocal samples especially, that’s like 45% of the sound between pads and snippets.

Oh and don’t forget, according to SDOR (some dude on Reddit) Burial tunes are actually in 11/8 time so, uh, yeah. There you go.