Producers - What do you do for inspiration

Been out of the loop with producing music for a few years now, seriously wanting to get back into it but struggling to get going and feel inspired.

Here’s some old stuff.

sit down at the keys, press record, noodle :slight_smile: I usually find that just picking some sounds quickly and jamming to be a method to find that hook or beat the best method

Haha well maybe it is as simple as that. Recently i’m finding that anything I put together just isn’t doing it for me and I end up just scrapping it :’)

Listen to a live mix (pre-recorded I mean) of the same style you like to produce.



Yeah I’ve done that in the past, I think part of my problem is having produced with a mate I’m now producing on my own and don’t have that other person to discuss ideas with.

You can just bounce ideas of anyone man-even people on here if you put WIPs up there’ll give you feedback so you can improve etc.

Yeah true, suppose it can’t hurt to give it a shot.

Watch this short on Happa!

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I have a similar problem. I’ve been focusing on getting all the technical shit down for so long that all my inspiration is gone. So now when things almost start to sound acceptable production/mix-wise, I don’t have any fresh ideas.

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Aye I’m the same Agu tweaking sounds and drums setting everything up that when it comes to laying something down I lose all inspiration. Stupid post limit not letting me reply til now. I will check that vid out too nodnol

For inspiration I smoke cheese and listen to music.


Invent different drum patterns, the synths, pads, bass, sound effects and samples will just naturally come after.

listing to some different genres I mean stuff that you would normaly never listen to, I for example often listen to some really heavy death Metal even tough I dont like this kind of music it still somehow inspires me and gives me a lot of new ideas (also sorry for my english :D)

Nothin’ wrong with your English there buddy lol and yeah i’ve done that in the past, with Heavy Metal funnily enough I did find it gave me some inspiration. To be honest with you I think the sun these past few days has given me quite a lot of inspiration. I’ve been wanting to make something with a summery vibe to it for a long time and this heatwave has come at the perfect time.

haha dude no way ! same here! the summer and sun just gives soooo many good vibes I just started something housey with some happy chrods and all that :slight_smile: good to see that I am not the only one ^^

I’ve found that I often get really inspired by watching tutorials / learning some new technique.
That, or listen to my favourite music when I’m high.


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the real tip is to sample whatever else you’re doing

really get into thinking that way

stealing sound and the world around you

will change you but it works