Producers - What do you do for inspiration


Recently I’ve started tracks by playing guitar and saving the chords and stuff I play in midi then working around those. This is more with time, but since I effectively stopped trying to make genre music, I don’t think I’ve had any writer’s block issues, it’s been a few years now, but I feel way more relaxed to create now a days.


Yeah, genre is definitely restricting for creativity. Then again if you can really focus on the methods of one genre, leave it and take it with you, then that gives you an edge. Or like a box you can put that in and take with you.

Malcolm Gladwell was definitely on to something but I’m sure he stayed too long.


Read philosophy. pleasantly reflect upon life and the cosmos for a bit to get the juices flowing :slight_smile: I feel that all of one’s interests outside music can be channelled into the music they make. For me my music becomes more thoughtful and experimental.
Weed and sampling helps too, as already pointed out!


Also lately I’ve started to give less fucks about self imposed “rules” that have grown onto me like “I never use hat-loops, melody loops” etc. The less I care the more fun I have and often the result is better in the end.


Say all you want weed is just a perfect way to get the creative tangeant, be more daring with your imagination.

You can still read and have lonely walks; walks are just pure magic for the mind, scientists agree (Einstein especially).


Never heard of Einstein onto weed. Sagan definitely though.


I meant walks for Einstein actually


I often get inspiration while having a dump tbh


Imo weed is great for listening to music in another way than you usually do, noticing things and details in productions that you normally don’t etc. Personally I’m getting more and more convinced that creativity and inspiration is a result of hard work more than having a lot of “aha” moments.


Well sure, real creavity can be expressed once you know how to do things and have your personal workflow,
none of this can be done without hard work, but frankly, sometimes i’ll go on my station (knowing my ways) and make a lot of stuff which isn’t gonna get anywhere exciting, you need that spark, not a moment but a state you’re in at a particular point,
seeing things differently, simply, like what’s coming next is right.


Go to festivals of the music that I really like/get inspiration from and do lots of acid.


Don’t do lots of acid. That’s bait and you’ll wind up like Daniel Johnston.


I have a problem because sometimes I get too inspired to produce…and I start putting together sounds that end up like nothing I had in mind…which depresses me.


going through soundcloud is really inspiring because there are so many people many cool, new music. check out artists you like and see who they like…

new technology is inspiring too.


P much anything Eno.

@18:58 re: Plasticene (play doh/modeling clay) :cornlol: :thumbsup:


I like to take many short breaks where I spend not listening to my current project and listen to other peoples work. I like to dissect pretty much every song I listen to nowadays and listen for certain techniques or try and guess what they did. After I find certain techniques and stepped away for a bit, I can usually jump right back into the lab and whip up something wild.


I have this thing where if I don’t produce any tunes for several weeks I’ll end up getting so frustrated I can just open Ableton and bang out almost anything. Usually I’ve been listening to a lot of different music that’s been inspiring, and I know almost instinctively what sounds I need, the arrangement etc.


Try a different genre helps or just make anything without thinking about what it actually is.

I rly struggle with dubstep these days cos it’s so uninspiring when building the track.


make some fx out of hardware samples

and you will notice the difference in how weird you can get it because it has that physical component to it

then obviously it can get tricky if theres not any info about what chord or pitch it is, but then you just check it in melodyne and build your melody around what pitch information there was in the sound after fucking it around a bit

piihb - they like it


It’s too bad that most electronic toys are not as bendable as they used to be due to smaller and smaller ICs. But yes - tiootb (take it out of the box.)