Producers - What do you do for inspiration


this some fucked up shit right here
use your ears imo


no, no its a completely different operation

you can get note information you wouldnt be able to hear
but then when you use it you hear it holds up

a guy with good pitch has a much much shorter scope/span of understanding notes than a computer working out math/pitch


i think maybe there are more cheap shit toys with chipssets
but yeah i know what you mean
wouldnt be able to identify one on name - like in the past where certain teddy bears or kid synths where sold everywhere


problem is there’s no algorithm that can determine if something sounds good or not
ears always win


no, that is not a problem, its like blues tradition 'that could be avoided :wink: - but what im talking about depends on where in the process you are when you make a judgement

there’s a time where you might build a complex scale where you cant hear the notes would work together before you have all the components and all the upper tones and complex tuning

like tuning itself

what you are talking about is like an understanding a lot of people have, that comes from singersongwriting and blues

and it is true in a way, that you by ‘human feel’ or blues style could kinda play two notes around the note instead of the one specific note (in western scaling)

but if you want a different tuning or scaling - then our ears will usually come up with the blues variant- because we are used to that here


its like one note sliding around

(it isnt but its like twanged to hell and back - which is cool , but just one tradition)

i’ll have to think up an opposite example of a song being super ON the note …
not the best example and it helps the notes being straighter that she almost raps them staccato because theres no long winding release on the notes

she just like hits a note and leaves it - - shes a bit like melodyne or autotune herself


notes, we dont need no stinkin notes



notes are like if there only were a finite number of colours and not tones

then with scaling we turn tones into notes

but it could just be a tone here or there


sd5 couldn’t have said it better himself


If i don’t have any inspiration to make a tune I just do pure sound design or go on a big sample hunt


Yeah, right on! Sample selection and sound design and making your own samples is just the thing when you can’t make a tune. Or learning how to make some sounds.


Turning the lights out and turning the volume up gets me feeling like I’m at a show. Bang out on the synths till something sticks.


Xenakis bitches


Listen to music production podcasts or really sick music. Go to a show. Learn some new techniques. Catch up with some other producers. Drink a bunch of coffee.


Listen to film and TV soundtracks.


the best inspiration is doing something sound by sound

you pick one inspirering sound
then the inspiration from thinking about what to do to that sound tells you what sound would be most inspirational next and then that is inspirational and so on

its not a trick


I’ve got an ending to an as yet unmade track using just that method.
Heard a sample in a film and it made me think of a sound and now I got the ending of the track in my head.

Also metal and rock music. SO many drum fills and one hits to sample from. Got a kick snare and toms from a nirvana track yesterday


Start making individual loops and exporting them for later use usually gets it going for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone wants a few Ableton project starters (basic beat/bass/synth loops exported as an Ableton set) hmu. I’m cranking em out lately.


awesome - keep at it

im unableton
would like to hear a full tune some time