Producers - What do you do for inspiration


Or five beers depend what’s going on the next day


Smething I’ve done a bit recently is sampling dialog from tv and movies, and using that as a song-starter, and it’s helped a lot, and also changed my workflow - I always used to start with drums and bass; but the last tune started with a speech sample that I chopped and pitched, and took snatches of the background ambience/music and turned them into my own pads and atmos. It was good to do something different. It’s also inspired me to rewatch favourite movies and telly shows for sample opportunities.

Oh, and I think this is my first post after lurking for a bit. Hi :wave:


I rarely watch anything now without a pen nearby to note down times of cool bits of audio or sounds in whatever im watching for sampling purposes.

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Hey I did the exact same thing like a week ago… ha


I listen to a lot of tecnho, and try my best to replicate/get inspired from what I hear. What’s been bugging me is that even tho I have a lot of preset packs for the synths I’m using (Diva a lot lately), but can’t really seem to find the kind of sounds I’m hearing in the tracks I’m listening to.

So I deicided to not work on a track, but try to replicate some resonant bass-ish kind of sounds instead. Was heaps of fun, and learned more about Diva. And even though I didn’t copy w/e sounds I was inspired by, I ended up being inspired by the presets I made. This in turn is making me even more inspired to keep fiddling with synths to “make that sound in my head”, even though I know it won’t be exactly what I’m looking for.

Also started watching in-depth “how to produce X genre” tutorials again. Even though I skim through them mostly for the main parts, i.e how to create a bassline/rumble etc, I still find it useful and inspiring to see what each producer does differently with the different stages of a track.

Edit 2:
Also, I took some time off producing for a small day or two. Holy sh*t how good it felt not to feel the need that I “have” to be productive and make/work on a tune every day.