Producers - What do you do for inspiration


1 hour 26 minutes into this :wink: I think i play 4 or 5 @_ronzlo tunes in a row for a mini Viridis Vir showcase. He was too wussy to play them himself hehe. Man needs to make more tunes tho, these are sick imo.



You’re too kind. :blush:

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These are nice man.

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Back then I could finish tunes lol.

I’ll come full circle eventually…



im gonna stop being a lazy person and actually wipe the hdd of that laptop so I can give it to ya soon.

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It’s all good.

I stopped trying to use iOS for main sequencing/DAW tasks and just use a handful of the better standalone ones, focusing on playing them instead of just programming them. Also playing a lot of real instruments again lately, forgot how much fun that can be trying to push yrself to grow technically.

But looking at this pic again recently (posted in ‘Show Yr Setup’ thread) reminded me that something like this is/was still a goal…


Getting there. Gonna have a new living plan at Rancho Ronzlo soon, more privacy, more music.



thats such a rad lil setup, needs those iloud micro monitors that @mks has plugged in the past tho :slight_smile:



Still have these, really like 'em a lot for near field:

But trying to be open to not re-using old gear just because of comfort.

Also gotta pay to get the Juno refurbed I fear. :scream:



my friend has those same speakers in beige hooked up his windows 95 gaming PC (pc game collector nerd). They actually sound really good for what they are. I’d def invest in a cheap usb DAC tho to dodge the awful convertors that come built in on PC mobos and laptops

and re: the juno, you should man, it will be worth it, maybe you can get them to do the Juno midi mod as well



Yeah - kinda wanted to play with CV first. The mods are tempting but it’s kind of like when your kid wants a tattoo you’re like “but you’re perfect just the way you are now” lol (not that I’ve run into that irl dilemma yet, tho almost certainly will.)

But midi and a couple of the other ones like Portamento and a chorus speed control pot sound too good to write off. Probably will eventually.

Juno is big af too, definitely too big for a closet like that. Gonna have four foot wide, two foot deep alcove I can pad out and work with. Rack city. Maybe some kind of folding boom mount.

You’re so stoked to have as much room as you do now btw. I imagine your next spot will start getting obscene gearwise. :wink_og:

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lol i brought this gyal back to mine a few weeks back and she’s not a music person at all and i think she was a little freaked out by my room

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I’ve been living with these iLouds for a year and a half now, and I have to say that they are amazing for their size. The have some crazy DSP mojo going on in there but they got it right.



Listen outside the box.
Got this bookmarked for sample plunderation!



I tend to just stop working, and just get normal stuff I need to do done. Then somewhere when I’m working on something else I get ideas.

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simple and effective

just remove yourself for a bit and it will come

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Laughing gas and clothespins on the nipples…

Wait, did I type that out loud?



Build unique tools in Reaktor. Usually sparks a creative journey

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Sometimes I go to for ideas. Or I just mess around with serum.



I usually sit down to make a beat most days after work

Often it’s just hash spliff, mint tea, go bitch