Production Thoughts

Love this idea, someone needs to make some actual carnal fuckstep to gross out the dance

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Venetian Snares made an album with Hecate that was all manipulated sounds of them fucking in various hotel rooms whilst on tour.

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oh yeah forgot about that one
the one where he sampled his cat was extraordinary

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Yep. He’s some sort of musical savant.

Doll Doll Doll is probably my favourite album of his.


What do we think of utility on all channels inc. master?

master for extra volume control*

Why would you do that? Master channel should be set at unity gain for the most part. Mix into that. If you’re hitting zero on the master, you are already too loud. Adjust on the channels and ideally closest to the source.


that’s what i thought cheers


I generally try to hit at about -6 db on the master. Sometimes it’s like -4. I do my mixing and mastering separately. I know some people do it all at once.


I went through a phase of making my channels louder then dropping the master utility gain but my tunes sounded weird, then i went back to the way you said

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I just mix as I go

I mix as I go as well and when the arrangement is finished, I bounce that.

Mastering is done as a completely different session with the stereo track.

Basically the traditional way I guess.

Anyway I’m a little burnt out with production.

still gonna make tunes just do it on the low key post private links here for feedback

Then when I’m ready start uploading on soundcloud again

as opposed to?

uploading to soundcloud for “public” audience

yeah while i generally agree i must say the kounts sample pack really are worth it, especially when theyre on sale and you don’t have ton of percussion at home

work on some stuff for bandcamp bro
people seem to react to bandcamp more than sc for some reason
at least thats my recent experience


i plan to


cool !!!

put a showreel up of tunes instead of loads of individual ones think that might be the way forward

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