Production Thoughts

Suspecting it would become useful if I just manage to get enough song sections made.

What are the Blocks you are referring to?

There’s a modular synthesizer in Reaktor called Blocks.

It’s a feature in the Reason sequencer, been around for a long time. This tutorial shows it being used in version 5, newest one is version 12.

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its literally just bar based midi workflow

I know what it is bro.

im not hating, just dont like to get twisted with corporate speak on ‘new features’ haha

The video is from 2012 so very outdated, picked that one since it’s official, and not made by some basement goblin Youtuber.


Epic tier music producer vibes

My daw is a rabbit hole :cornverted: kinda not cool.

Which DAW? Every DAW is a rabbit hole or maybe even a bear hole.

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I’m using Ableton Live.

Me too. It’s deep!

But every DAW is deep.

I’m listening to all my old songs on SoundCloud and I’m realizing for some reason every song I’ve ever made tries to go hard as fuck lmao. Not sure why I do that. I gotta chill man


Link me. Nothing wrong with going hard af all the time.

Threw this together in about 10 min.

0.28 to 0.54 is pretty sick tbh. Work on expanding that bit imo.
The rest of it wasn’t that good.

Yeah I know. My Ableton live buddy who helps me learn the software says to not worry about what it sounds like because what I’m doing is becoming more & more familiar with the software.

Still, I usually violate that rule because of course I want my music to sound good.

This time however I made sure to focus strictly on workflow (10 minute track or BUST) & not what it sounds like. I hope that makes sense.


Also, the part you like …I put because I liked how it sounds…but then I only had like 8 minutes left to finish a drop and that’s what came out lol

In other words, I know the good part sounds good and I know the wack drop is wack.