Production Thoughts


Started talking to a semi-known figure in the norwegian techno scene about splitting space/rent for a pretty high-end studio in town. We’re talking a properly acoustically treated space, calibrated pair of Genelec S360A monitors + SSL Big Mixer, a pair of rack distressor compressors and a bunch of outboard synths and the likes.

So if my mixes sounded decent up until this point, hopefully this is what can take my tracks to the next level.


I downloaded reaper yesterday and messed around a tiny bit. I dunno about it yet. It does seem like it’s got some pretty advanced features, which might be nice. Just a lot to relearn, I’m just not sure I wanna deal with pirating a daw again


It’s worth it imo. You don’t have to learn every everything. It has features you’ll never use and that’s ok, you’re not obligated to. Just learn the basics and - very important - do it on the regular, even just fucking around making assbeats.

As the need arises you can learn new things as you go… the point is, there’s no need to cram it all before you start man. Don’t vex. Just play.



Kenny Gioa on YT is the goldmine for Reaper tutes and tricks


Yeah nice, I’ll work on some stuff over the weekend

You guys got any quick sampling tips?

As in recording them irl or chopping/processing them in Reaper?

Chopping and processing, for the sample pack comps

Do you guys just use the built in sampler, or some other plug in?

I just chop right in the window, then export.

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@Tolsof like so

I used to use Paulstretch extensively but not just in the obvious “let’s make this a paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad” way - shit like Gaussian blur etc can also do a lot. Good for tuning things without any inherent chromatic value and vice versa. It’s a handy utility for a lot of reasons.


There’s a gaussian blur in Reaper?

Not afaik - I mean in Paulstretch (or the PaulXstretch AUv3.)

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there’s a timestretch algorithm that sounds pretty similar to paulstretch, think it’s called rrrreeeeaaaaa or sth

i use it for textures and ambience fairly often


Pushed myself to make a quick beat. Some things are kinda awkward but overall I really liked it. I just used samples from spc 60. I did some minor chopping and that was about it for now.

The export screen is daunting, not sure if I picked the right settings


Yeah, export dialog is a beast for sure, I used to run into problems where I forgot I’d set em to some other format and then would come back and keep working, bouncing stems and resampling, only to realize I’d been bouncing down to 128 MP3’s for the last half of everything… :weary:

But again, usually just need to make sure the boxes are set a certain way and check em periodically, you stop thinking about it so much. I’ve never touched about half of those controls if not more.


Thinking about it, am p sure paulstretch is free

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Tbh I’ve never changed anything in the export settings. I have no idea what 80% of it means :woozy_face:

A few tips and things that I’ve picked up along the way

Right click the volume knob in the channel info for your mono setting

When you save use Save Project As, and click this checkbox, it will create a copy of each sample you use in your project folder - this has saved my life many times when I’ve moved or changed the name of a sample in my main sample library.

Go to this setting in the File menu to automatically delete all samples in your project folder that are not being used

Reaper creates these tiny files with a .repeaks extension all the time. Over time they build up and are saved all over the place. Go to Reaper / Settings and set up a folder in this input field for all .repeak files to save in one location. Then you can periodically delete the contents of this folder to get rid of all the repeak files in one go

Not sure if this is a default shortcut or if I set it up but alt-S turns snap on and off. Setting shortcuts is done via clicking this link in Reaper/Settings/General/Multitouch

For MIDI: (This might be wrong but it’s how I do i - @_ronzlo what’s you method?)

Load ReaSamplOmatic5000 in, then set the Input in the Channel Info to MIDI/All Channels. Then arm the channel by clicking the red dot to the left of the channel name, then click the big record button and reaper will place a MIDI box. Double click to open the Piano Roll(?)

In ReaSamplOmatic make sure you change this parameter otherwise all your notes will play the same


Awesome dude, I appreciate it

Is there anyway to “lock” the loop region? I kept reselecting the region on accident when I was trying to drag stuff around and just generally clicking.

Gonna try and work on another/the same beat today