Punk Rock Thread


Singer. With multicolored dreads and a cheerleader’s outfit.



Punk, garage, lo-fi… who gives a flark.




Seriously re-evaluating late '70’s Misfits. I had Legacy of Brutality but I always thought it was too slow because I was into hardcore and I liked the later Misfits stuff.


Still on my Misfits kick.

Listen to this at 1:29

I don’t care how much you hate Metallica, this is a good cover.


Hybrid Moments is on my list of top 10 all time favorite songs of any genre.

This book looks interesting. LMP thankfully didn’t have a presence in the Bay Area, but I remember punk gangs in the South Bay (one called the Razors were at my high school but died out by my freshman year…


Yes, it is such a good tune!


That song is a perfect example of “keep it short and leave 'em wanting more.”

Legacy is def. my favorite album. Kind of hints stylistically at what’s to come with Samhain.

which reminds me…

Human Pony Girl. Love the song, as fucked up as it is.



I used to have that on cassette and I can’t find it anywhere. I still have most of my old punk tapes.


Yeah, me too - sitting in my closet getting moldy. :corncry:


I’d really love to get into listening to old punk music, can anyone recommend some good bands?


I’d start with some of the ones posted in this thread and proceed from there. This is just scratching the surface.


^ fo’sho.

@conor_cullen - thing too is that there was such a broad range of sounds… from Flipper to GBH to Bad Brains to Dead Kennedys to Germs, there was so much experimentation… what kind of rock are you into in general? Loud and hard, witty and arty, catchy, abrasive…?



@harbinger - Virgin Prunes?


Nope, fraid not guv!


I’ve sampled loads of old punk records in my latest track…


Shit, this is so good.