Punk Rock Thread



Love them so much. Gawd.


Don’t get me started on Bad Brains… :slightly_smiling:

One of my most favorite bands ever. Did you ever see them live?


Only in the nineties reunion incarnation… HR had stopped flying by then. :frowning:

Actually had a hard time getting past PC punk dogma too in the late eighties TBH, being in the home of MaximumRnR and all… But eventually learned to look past the homophobia and racial separatism to see that they were genius, period - not despite, not because of, just genius - with all the same human flaws n shit.

I love all of the anecdotal stories about HR too btw.


They were on that Punk/Metal tip long before a lot of other bands too. I used to jam this in high school.


Absolutely. They gave the whole thing credibility in a weird way - all of the fusion busy-ness, the chops, proficiency… Yeah. Subtly demonstrative of the Law of Balance.

Reignition was my jam from that album.

I think their mark as a RGB (really great band) lays not only in how many bands directly owe their stylistic existence to them but how many more catchy songs they wrote than almost anybody… even at 220 bpm with shitty amps/pedals. Fucking amazing.



crossover with black metal


Probably my favourite punk track of all time. Seen GBH play in London 4 times now I think, and it’s always a proper mental gig.


Absolutely! Colin, Jock and the boys always bring it…

City Baby.




Any you guys been to Rebellion before? Been wanting to go for a few years, but just never got round to it. The lineups are always just unreal.




oh yeah misfits

forgot how much i used to rinse this about 5 todays

like legit genius good songwriting imo




:smile_cat: LIKE

Malcolm McLaren’s Son to Burn Punk Memorabilia Worth Millions

The son of late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and designer Vivienne Westwood will burn millions of dollars worth of memorabilia in protest of state-backed “40th Anniversary of Punk” celebrations planned in London…



playing the venue i work at next week

: )


Got a new production up, this is probably about 75% samples from old punk records that I’ve manipulated, and 25% stuff I made myself.


I didn’t really know where to put this one, but it’s brilliant.

Bitches Brew was a big influence on me.