Questions about producers & true heads

is Chris Innersound darqwan?
or is there some special relationship
other than remixing…
and while I’m at it
who was that (well-known but I’ve forgotten his name) US producer
that declared he wasn’t making anymore dubstep around 5 years ago

DJ Abstract?

only alias i know of for Darqwan is Oris Jay.

That would be 10 years ago

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Think I know who you mean:

Sick tune

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Darqwan = Oris Jay = DQ1 = RS4

Darqwan owns Texture Records. Chris Innasound releases on texture records.

thought this was about D1, got full confused


“Wear The Crown” is a personal


thanks gents
didn’t know DQ1 was RS4,
Wears the Crown one of my all time faves
and yep Hibbie, it was Jus Wan
darqwan/jus wan confusion

he makes house under an rs4 alias

Could it be juju? Released a big tune (esp at the time) called punks

pretty sure juju was american

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Jus wan stopped producing and he cited financial reasons iirc

he was good

about a year ago I heard some nice tracks from a producer I think I heard as Era
doesn’t google
anybody confirm? info?

I know of an Arres, which is his surname backwards.

sounded like eera
unless my hearing was backwards

smelled like nosey?