Questions about producers & true heads


aw that’s terrible


I’m hoping that Mala’s new crew, Djuki Mala
(formerly known as The Chooky Dancers)
will be in Sydney with their mentor tonight.

hang in til 1.35


been reading the latest Mix Mag reviewing 2015
noting their expected hyping of Jack U & Alison Wonderland
and Basenji’s bid for the big time with a revolting image
(not the mouth crammed with lollies but the unself-conscious branding of acoutrements)

but, not having heard them play out,
I’m curious as to whether
Rodhad, Helena Hauff, Bicep or Claptone would be worth checking out at a festival.


ok, which of you pommie lot will admit to cheering at 0.49 to 0.58?

should be ashamed of yourselves dissin’ tha stateside steppas





is that dyslexic for shitstirrers?


p sure this whole vid was discussed in another thread.


I wonder where those proto-dungeon producers went
that Forensics used to collect tunes from & put up as the something valley mixes
apart from Asusu, J:Kenzo, Truth & Be-1ne they seem to have disppeared
or maybe changed names.
Some I recall:
Cogent, Basic A, Ward 9, Trashbat, Mosaix,
Aeon, Ghosthack, Substep Infrabass, DCutt…

oh yeah & where did shonky come from the other day?
must’ve been bored over his Christmas hols.


I think Dcult goes by the name Mythra now, Be-1ne still lurks about I’m sure and I saw Trashbat play in Brum last year so hes still doin his ting


so what IS trashbat’s ting?


he’s on the geode/groove booty vibe iirc


wrong turn


he had a few tunes on that dubstep for deep heads comp that came out last year


You don’t like Chord Marauders?


I don’t mind this kind of track

(no, it’s not riddim)
but a lot of the label’s music is kinda sophisticated lounge music
that I’d rather experience played out with live instrumentation,
you know, watch the drummer & bassist…
otherwise a bit too smooth to my taste
in the same way some American jazz/hip-hop fusion
however well-played,becomes ritualized imo.
e.g. Robert Glasper.


Waddya reckon?

I’m in Sydney & this is on today.
not really a house person
but there’s some originals on this line-up
and I heard some nice fg & funky from Bradley zero on the radio


Dude, go!!

Leroy Burgess and Johnny Osbourne is there!

Larry Heard would be nice too.


Deff go!


Worth it for johnny osbourne


This guy? (Bottom of the linked post)