Questions about producers & true heads


fuck I didn’t see this
went into town & spent gig money ($106!)
on records & books
Oh well, the house pioneers are my age
and if I wasn’t into them then
I can’t see them being satisfying now
and a mate suggested Mr Zero is more of a schmoozer than underground type
but Ghosthack…yeah, would’ve been cool.
btw, where the hell did yu dredge that ^ quote from sleepwank?

sorry guys, feel like I’ve let you down for vicarious adventure
but at least i’ll have new music & ideas to sound out.


just went and checked your ghosthack archive


Yeah, Larry Heard is def a House pioneer.

Leroy Burgess is a classic Disco / Boogie singer and producer and could be considered a House pioneer. His tunes would get played at Paradise Garage (where the term Garage came from).

Johnny Osbourne is a classic Reggae singer.

Oh gosh, almost forgot to post this:


This ones a percy


yeah tbf just wanna shout out the don lady Sassy J. one of the wickedest selectors this miserable country ever saw.


yeah, sounded most interesting set I pulled up

as for Johnny Osbourne,
I listened to his stuff all thru 70s & 80s,
mainly stoned
and I think I’ve od’d.
Not to say it’s not lovely
but you’ve gotta move on yeah?
Otherwise I’d still be listening to Jefferson Airplane, Led Zepplin & the Banshees.

One thing I got out of record buying
was Stefan giving me his theory that trip hop owes it’s existence to this album:

and he pulled out Massive Attack samples as evidence.
(Couldn’t do same for Tricky tho)


What was Hendrix like live?


Was too busy surfing & failing first year uni in 69 to get to Woodstock
but the first time I heard his music would’ve been maybe 66, around Monterey,
listening in the late night to an AM station in Melbourne, 3XX,
1000km away, static and all and recording it on a reel-to-reel tape.

Amazing to think that the people who saw Hendrix live in his early days of psychedelics
would have to be around 70 now & he’d be 75!


woooo… that’s a big tune. how did i miss this. opening discogs


It was on Appleblim’s Allstars.
The best Allstars imo


agree tho it took me awhile to get into it.


nice 1 was trying to remember where I heard it


so sigs reckons Claw died
only knew his mixes from early dsf
and some posts
seemed like a genuine bloke.