Questions for Pinch - INTERVIEW NOW UP



To get some more interesting original content for the forum, I’m going to interview Pinch. It’s the tenth year of Tectonic, and there will be celebratory Subloaded parties. If you ever seen Pinch in any docs or interviews before, you know he has a proper clear and interesting vision on what he’s doing, why and how. So if you got any questions, post em up and I’ll ask him.


What does Adrian Sherwood smell like?

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What does he make of Bristol’s music scene, the venues and stuff now compared to back when things like SubLoaded started.

What other music is he really into, like is he into mad noise bands or folk etc

Any collaborations he wished he could do or haven’t had the chance to do.

How has the rise over social media over the last ten years with things like facebook and twitter effected how Tectonic is run (if at all)

Will prob think of more at lunch…


Any word on some new deleted scenes material?

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plans for solo material

his thoughts on current retromania surrounding nuum sonics & mythology

does pinch like me? i always think i make him very uneasy : (

hmm need to think of something tho

(pete if u shot any records before u go off to travel the world hmu saw u shifting serato on my facebook)

Are we friends on fb?! Making me uneasy now. :kissing_heart:

I ain’t getting rid of any records though mate.

nah from yo artist page

fair fair, jheeze serato is expensive

can u ask pinch if he wants to hire me in some capacity, like does he need some kind of devil wears prada-intern bitch, so man can stick about in briz longer x

just in general really what he thinks of current UK underground dance music, there doesnt really seem to be a particular ‘genre’ thats got everyone captivated at the minute, with people sort of just making whatever they want, distributing it however they want - where does he see things going in the future, and with dubstep and grime making a slight comeback of late what impact will that have?

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hoe gosh. tell me more.

i think there’s 1 happening in september, can’t remember the date

oooh, might try and make an appearance

Any people who sent him tunes and didnt sign and now wish he had?

Or ones you would have loved to sign but couldnt

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Do you consciously avoid producing/signing the more traditional 140 stuff these days?

will “grump” and “red eye indians” get a release

What’s the future for Tectonic and Cold looking like? How are the labels connected / what’s their function in your musical vision (that one may be exchanged for a less corny word lol)?

Nice questions so far, particularly like this one:

I can count off a couple of massive releases that Soul Motive had first call on and I stupidly turned down because I don’t know my arse from my elbow.

Going to do this in the next ten days, so holla if you have any more.

Spill the beans.

No more Mala / Clouds drama though, we all know this one. :badteeth:

In his experience has the the general condition of venue’s turntable setups improved or continued to decline in the last ten years or so?

And the standard which producers to look out for.

Haha, Mala’s still on my shitlist for that :badteeth:

Phoenix by Hyetal - Came out on Orca after I turned it down due to not giving it proper attention (listening on earphones whilst walking around the city). My label partner was screwing most about this.

Tessela - can’t remember the names. They were bangers but we simply didn’t have space for them at the time. I passed them on to Pev and Tessela got the release with PunchDrunk soon after I think, and then followed up to R&S and is now a massive name. Shoulda made space!

There’s more that haunt me at night. Will try to remember.